Corfield v. Coryell (He got away with ignoring the Supreme Court and implementing the eviction moratorium despite it being ruled unconstitutional because who was going to stop him?

Well, time for round two of ignoring the Supreme Court.

Specifically Corfield v. Coryell and Paul v. Virginia.

He’s worried that it will annoy the normies.  He needs two or three more weeks of Delta Variant panic porn before he can do this, Constitution be dammed.

Since nobody will stop him from flagrantly violating the Constitution, he’ll do it again.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Biden eying wiping his ass with the Constitution a second time”
  1. Good freakin luck with that. What about those that work and travel interstate. Truck drivers??? These idiots are getting stupider by the day

  2. The Left is pushing hard, ignoring the Constitution, ruling by fiat, and are inching closer and closer to “April 19, 20XX”
    At some point the “normies” are going to have had enough. The left is going to do something so outrageously uber-stupid, and there will be the spark.
    As I have seen via meme –
    “In an American civil war there will be NO rules of engagement”
    This scares me a bit too.
    In one scenario I have seen in a hot CW2 we would lose between 100M and 200M people dead from all causes. That presupposes that no one else ( China, N. Korea, Russia , Iran, etc) adds their 2¢ to it – If that happens we could lose in excess of 300M people ( current estimated population of the United States of America is 333,156,663 as of Thursday, August 12, 2021 ) Mostly wiped out in the major population centers

  3. How is this enforced? Will Biden deploy the military and/or federal law enforcement to every road and establish checkpoints? Will there be roadblocks on the interstate system? Best of luck with that.

  4. How many truckers are vaxxed? I am not, and won’t be. As a trucker, I refuse loads going to big cities. I can’t imagine a quicker way to shut down the transportation industry.

    1. Congress can’t do it either. “Regulate” does not mean “prohibit”, no matter what the victim disarmers may claim when trying to use that clause to justify their gun grabbing regulations. It means “make regular” as in “make efficient and consistent”.

      Of course, judges will tell you different, but that’s because they don’t care about the Constitution either and don’t understand it any better than Biden does.

    1. Ditto in the Nashua/Manchester/Salem triangle of southern NH, and a similar but somewhat smaller triangle on the other side in MA.

  5. I used to cross the Iowa and Missouri Borders to get to my job in Nebraska every day. Some of my colleagues flew in from TX, FL, or the coasts for a week at a time. Half the people at my Redwing MN job drove in from WI.

    I am vaxxed. I am not showing them anything to prove or disprove it.

  6. I live less than 20 miles from the state line. All of my doctors are located in another state because shortly after I moved to the area, before I could get established with nearby doctors, a hurricane destroyed or shut down most medical establishments. I can’t imagine having to show a vaccine passport every time I cross a state line. “Papers, please!”

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