This caused the housing crash in 2008.

It will do it again.

Remember this:

I guess house prices were getting too high.

The government will create a bubble l, it will bust, and the investment banks will come in and buy up all the underwater houses for cheap.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Biden must have gotten a call from Blackrock”
  1. We tried to buy a farm in February but couldn’t because we wanted a contingency for selling our current house, which will likely have multiple above-asking-price offers within 6 hours of listing.

    We actually weren’t thinking about moving, but we found out about this one and it got us looking around.

    We had about a 3 month window before we got completely priced out of anything reasonable within an hour of downtown.

    So now we’re hanging out for a while until the “correction” but I am very concerned about blackrock and blackstone and other REITs just buying everything.

  2. Wait, I though that home ownership was racist? Have they circled back to it being a ‘right’?

    It’s so hard to keep up w/ the spinning.

    1. Well, history is racist, so you just need to concur with whatever the eternal “now” dictates are.

      Or something.

    2. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Except when Oceania has been allied (and always was allied) with Eastasia. That is when Oceania is at war with (and always has been at war with) Eurasia.

      See. Simple.

  3. Anyone remember Freddie Mac & Fannt Mae ? When banks were forced to write
    loans to “unqualified” folks who were trying to flip the property before the Piper

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