But of course they did.

They were never our allies.

They were, at best, fair weather friends who liked our money.

The instant that we showed real weakness on the world stage and the value of our dollar faulted, they turned on us.

Russia is being backed by China and the Russia/China alliance is proving to be stronger than Biden led America.

Since Middle East oil was supposed to be what kept the price of gas skyrocketing, we can now expect $10 or more gas.

The world united under Biden.

It united to drive a stake through our economic heart.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Biden united the world in taking down America”
  1. No, the problem is the US stopped being their ally and became obsessed with letting Iran become a nuclear power. Career State Department negotiators resigned over what they see as the Biden administration’s rush to give Iran EVERYTHING to get an “agreement”.

    Iran has been waging a mostly-proxy, sometime direct war against the Saudis for years. Having Iran as a mutual enemy led to opening relations with Israel — the Abraham Accords — which, again, the Biden administration hates.

    1. Good point. It’s hard to say “we’ll help your mortal enemy get nuclear weapons” and then follow that with “please sell us more oil”.

    1. Apparently the deal they’re cutting opens up Iranian oil sales. AND it removes sanctions on individuals, even those responsible for terrorism around the world.

  2. $10 a gallon gas will bring the nation to a literal standstill. There’s the controlled demolition Obama started and now his proxy, Biden, is continuing….then there’s the big toe on the trigger shotgun suicide that $10 a gallon gas would bring. I don’t think they’ll let it get that bad. Yes, they hate America but they can’t allow things to devolve into total chaos.

    1. They can and will, because then is when the sheeple will start screaming for the government to take control of everything and get it straightened out, from the Mark of the Beast to track us, to a national police force. Think Stalin, Hitler, etc. listen to them, they’re telling you what they want/are doing. This will not end peacefully or as a nation. The New Dark Age is fast approaching, get your progeny ready, because it will last many years.

  3. This is easy to fix.
    Pull the Air Force out of Saudi, the Navy out of the Persian Gulf, and tell Iran to do whatever they like.
    And start sending Javelins to the Yemenis.

    The Saudis will be throwing their panties at us to come back, and selling us their oil for $20/bbl. by Friday.

    Sometimes you throw at the batter’s chin to make a point.

        1. They were allies until Jan 20, 2021. As the WSJ reports, part of the reason the Saudi’s don’t want to help is that they have been screwed over badly enough by Biden than helping him is the last thing on their list.

      1. With friends like that, who needs enemas?

        Nobody’s “further abandoning” anyone. We’re just no longer giving aid and comfort to people who’ll shiv us in the back at the first opportunity.

        Friends don’t do that. Their indifference would last about 0.2 seconds, and they’d beg us to reconsider.

        Or are you the kind of guy that thanks his girlfriend for kicking him in the nuts?

  4. I’ll take a 10,000 ft look at this:

    -The interconnected global world we have now means basically our interests overlap with enemies, and threats we make often hurt our allies.
    -If we made more shit at home (of everything), we could use leverage against countries and better align our interests abroad. Kind of hard to make threats when the target makes stuff you need.

    China makes our clothes and pretty much everything we use on a daily basis, one of the most important being drugs. Taiwan makes all of our phones, computers and appliances. The ME and Russia supply oil and gas. If these places decided to cut us off, or significantly reduce supply, our country stops.

    And having a weak leader approach one of them with hat in hand is not a good look.

  5. As far as I can see, the only reason Biden adopted that import ban is as an attempt to shift the blame for inflation to Putin.

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