Because Putin poisoned a political adversary with nerve gas, Americans won’t be able to buy Russian steel cased plinking ammo.

The sanctions on Russian oil that Trump imposed but Biden ended are far more economically crippling than stopping Americans from getting lacquered 223.

The point isn’t to hurt Russia.  The point is to use Russia as an excuse to hurt American gun owners.

As an NRA life member, what I want them to do is decorate their lobby in Hunter Biden paintings.  Then we can get cheap steel 9mm again.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Biden used Russian election malfeasance to hurt gun owners”
          1. That’s not allowed to police my brass, either. I’ll have to rig a catcher, but that throws off everything.

            1. So you’re not dealing with a gun range, you’re dealing with a scrap metal vendor with questionable ethics.

              1. I haven’t checked every range, but they are batting 1000 on that rule. To me, swing a magnet around and it’s separated. But then, what do I know, I’m a simple man. ;-))

              2. I was reacting to the “not allowed to police your own brass”. That means they want to profit off your metal. I would not support such an outfit.

    1. Strange. And it is not limited to rental weapons?
      I mean, brass (and aluminum, though dirty) is kind of preferable to steel, so some ranges I know dislike steel on their stuff, but do not care about guest’s

  1. Two points :

    1) do not remember source, but just read today that 40% of us civilian ammo is ‘sourced’ through Russia. Do not know if true, but if it is, than it is a serious blow to 2nd amendment

    2) if Putin wanted to ‘ poisoned a political adversary with nerve gas’ and have Novichok used, then, according to an acquaintance who had to serve in Chemical Defence Division in the old country, ‘the passengers on that plane would be dead, the crew would be dead, the doctors would be dead and the ducks would be dead too… ‘. Not much of an exaggeration, if you look at Novichok’s technical characteristics and remember that Weapons is something former Soviet Block knows how to do well.
    Data >> propaganda

  2. And who told us that Russia interfered with the 2016 election? Top me at the CIA and FBI? Color me skeptical.

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