Okay… so what is hr going to do about it?

Any ban on semiautomatic guns will be declared unconstitutional in seconds.

This is an old man shouting at a cloud.

Even his handlers have to know this.

So other than being a crotchety old bastard  what’s his end game here?

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Biden vs. Semiautos”
  1. You know what the end game is- disarmed America…. He is pandering to his base- rich elitist assholes…. And blaming a tool not the person using it. Like obam I will not listen to this out of touch elitist dottering moron. Same ol same ol- ban guns “no one needs a(fill in the blank)” We the People dont need a demented nanny yet here you are. F. J. B. Hey joe when your protection detail gives up thier F’in MACHINEGUNS maybe(doubt it) maybe we will listen… nope I wont. I am sick and tired of this crap.

  2. His end game is to divide America, as demoncrats have done since before the 1st Civil War and get the indoctrinated morons ready to put us on the train cars to the gas chambers. Simple.

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