It’s hard to put into words the gratitude I have for Miguel for inviting me to write on his blog and giving me the freedom to express myself.

It’s been a pleasure being able to write and hear back from you faithful readers in the comments.

I’m sad to see Miguel step back but I completely understand it.

Even though we do this for fun, we feel an obligation to you to bring you content and then there is the logistics of keeping the blog functional.  Sometimes that does feel like work.

Miguel has gone over and above bringing this content out of his own pockets, with the help of some donations.

When Miguel brought up his desire to semi-retire he asked AWA and I what we wanted to do.

The unanimous decision was to keep the blog going under the same name.

One change that we agreed upon was to partially monetize the blog.  Our goal is to make it a self sustaining site, so that we can bring you content for years to come and have our costs covered.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you loyal readers for years of following us and for your comments, feedback, and tips.

And I hope that you choose to become members so that we can continue this site for years to come.

Thank you


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Big changes (pt. 2)”
    1. You can but don’t need to. Miguel will continue to be able to author posts as he wants. He just won’t be responsible for so many of them.

      We are hoping that there will be a number of people that are interested at the Shooter level and will contribute to the blog.

      We aren’t giving out pricing yet as that hasn’t been nailed down.

    1. This is exactly why we are creating the Shooter level of membership. So that people that want to contribute can. But there is no requirement to contribute any specific number of articles. This is sort of what happened to me. There are things I wanted to write about and then Miguel said “Stop asking me and start posting.” So I’ve been trying.

      But I’m not on the social networks so much of my feed comes from the blogs you all already read. But now I get to write a bit and help support the blog in that way as well.

      We are looking forward to all of our future contributors adding to the blog.

  1. My favorite R&R during my time off each week, is to read and occasionally participate in this blog. Miguel will be missed; hope he can occasionally contribute from time to time as time allows. J KB and awa I’m sure will keep this place in tip top shape, running like a well-oiled fully automatic rifle. Looking forward to a greater level of participation with all the members here. Having some skin in the game always enhances the experience.

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