Federal judge blocks key parts of California handgun law

A federal judge on Monday blocked key provisions of a California law that drastically restricts the sale of new handguns in the state, saying parts of the legislation violate the Second Amendment.

U.S. District Court Judge Cormac Carney, sitting in Santa Ana, wrote Monday that California’s requirements for new handguns are unconstitutional and cannot be enforced. Because of these restrictions, Carney wrote, no new models of semiautomatic handguns have been approved for sale since 2013 and Californians are forced to buy older and potentially less safe models.

In California, state law requires new handguns to have three components: A chamber load indicator, which shows whether the gun is loaded; a magazine disconnect mechanism that will stop the gun from firing if the magazine is not properly inserted; and microstamping capability so law enforcement can more easily link spent shell casings to the guns they were fired from.

“No handgun available in the world has all three of these features,” the judge wrote. “These regulations are having a devastating impact on Californians’ ability to acquire and use new, state-of-the-art handguns.”

Hahaha, fuck yeah!

California’s handgun roster is unconstitutional because it exists to prohibit access to guns since microstamping is impossible technology.

After 10 years of attempted development, nobody has ever made it work.

The intention was to let older models phase out and not be replaced by new models until the available handguns in California was effectively none.

The judge saw through that and shot the roster down.

Hopefully California will lose on appeal, ot not be able to mount one in two weeks, and law abiding Californians can start buying new guns.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “BIG WIN IN CALIFORNIA”
  1. Apparently idiots pushing “micro stamping”have never heard of forensics or picking up your brass…they don’t call it land of fruits and nutz for nothing….

  2. So, let’s say microstamping actually worked. Every piece of expelled brass will have a clear, identifiable serial number stamped on it.
    Where exactly will a trace of that number lead? To a law abiding citizen who had their gun stolen.

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