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5 thoughts on “Bike graveyard in China…”
  1. Bike? Or eBike?

    All their “bike sharing” and “car sharing” that was hailed as the future by western “urban planners” was a huge, yuuuge, fraudulent business and complete loss of money and resources.

  2. I know of a bunch of people who would create about a million perfectly useable bikes out of that pile. No reason they cannot be sold on the cheap to kids who do not have bikes. Inner city kids, 3rd world country kids, etc…
    If China were to fix them up, and sell them to the poor around the world for pennies (easy enough to do, probably cheaper then recycling) it would be a MASSIVE PR win for them.
    Just think, that pre-teen kid in the Congo can now ride to the cobalt mine instead of walk. That would increase productivity by leaps and bounds, and probably make their lives a bit better in the process.

  3. I’ve seen this one before. One of many bubble economy bike share outfits collapsed and this is a holding area. E-bikes have their uses and these,probably ended up either repainted for another company or sold on Alibaba.

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