Trump had some bikers at the White House.  I don’t know why.  I have a feeling “because he’s Trump” is a good enough answer to explain it.

While the bikers were there, Trump took a picture with them.  The media has been apoplectic about it, particularly because of some of the patches on the bikers’ leathers.

Jesus, these people are so dense their skulls could block ionizing ration.

I attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally five times between 2006 and 2012 when I lived in South Dakota.  The only year I missed was 2008 because I was getting married.

If you’ve never been to The Rally, it’s awesome.

One thing must be understood about it, The Rally couldn’t happen in any other country but the United States.

The Rally is all about bikes, beer, music, fun, and ‘Murica!!!

It is an orgy of patriotism.

So Trump gets his picture taken with a couple of bikers – whose selection of patches are pretty moderate and pedestrian by Sturgis standards – who clearly love guns and titties, and hate terrorists.

For about 100% of the demographic that reads this blog or others like it, the obvious question is “what’s wrong with liking guns and titties, and hating terrorists?”

Then you must consider that the Left hates guns.  We have seen all the evidence we need to for that.

Given the attack on “toxic masculinity” which has come to mean anything typically male, as well as the abuses of Title IX on college campuses, the witch hunt that the #MeToo movement is becoming, and even the alacrity for puberty blockers in trans youth, I’m sure the Left hates titties.

Lastly, we saw how the Obama administration lied to the American people to push an Iran Deal that put Iran on a path to nuclear armament, sent Iran pallets of cash, worked to provide Iran with illegal banking access, financially supported Palestinian terrorists, not to mention the pardon of Oscar Lopes Rivera, and his ties to Bill Ayers, that the Left loves terrorists.

So the media is attacking Trump for standing next to a man who is unabashedly a patriotic, freedom loving, American man, who is open about his love for guns and titties, and his hatred of terrorists.

I don’t know what they think this is supposed to do to Trump, but I don’t think it’s working.

The media never showed the same amount of outrage over pictures like this:

But serial rapist Harvey Weinstein wasn’t wearing a patch.

Being staged in a photo by the Cuban goverment which is hostile to the US isn’t an issue.

Oh wait, the media buried this photo knowing it would harm Obama.

There are a lot of things you can say about Trump’s picture with some bikers.  Questioning his love of America and a celebration of ‘Murica isn’t one of them.

On the other hand, pictures of Obama really can make you question if he really loves America and how loyal he is to this nation.

Only one of those offended the media on a massive scale.  Which one is very telling.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Biker whataboutism”
  1. The one I’ve been seeing touted is one (not posted by Trump or even at the same place) of an alleged SS tattoo on one of the bikers.

  2. The picture of Obama in Cuba standing in front of the Che mural is the most vile, sickening picture of an American President that exists, period.

  3. “I (heart) Guns and Titties”? Well yea, who doesn’t?

    I’m sorry – if you don’t (heart) guns and titties, you’re not trustworthy.

  4. 1- To quote from Jack Anderson, I think that’s a platform a large number of Americans can get behind. If the leftoids want to hit the fainting couch about it, I say let ’em.

    2-If I was in a hard spot and given a choice as to whether I’d have Charles Johnson or Andy Ostoy in my corner… or Mister Guns and Titties… I know which one I’d go for.
    How about y’all?

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