By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Bill Maher may be a Liberal but I give credit where it’s due”
  1. He makes good points.

    But the audience reaction was cringeworthy after the third applause line. Is his audience that well trained like a bunch of automatons, or is it merely an upgraded 21st Century version of the Laugh Track?


    It reminded me of when Andy Griffith’s character breaks down at the end of “A Face in the Crowd.”

  2. Except his diatribe included an antisemitic dig, a claim that we should all just follow Obama’s teachings, and other liberal statements.

    I disagree with his entire statement. I don’t think that forcing 48% of the nation to live as slaves to the other 52% because of rigged votes is the way to go. That way guarantees strife and warfare. One side views the other as evil, the other sees them as stupid. How can you reconcile those two views, and how do they accomplish anything in the midst of all of that?

  3. Bill Maher has come out several times as being anti-woke to the point I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten more push back from progressives.

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