Candace Owens has fully leaned into the Hitlerian rhetoric about Jewish Bolshevism is a threat to European people.

This is one of the ti gs Hitler said to justify the extermination of the Jews.

Go into that Tweet and read the replies, they are all “noticing” and “nose” and “the Jews.”

It’s insane and getting more insane and dangerous by the day.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Black Female Hitler”
  1. The amount of antisemitism I’m seeing on the Internet these days is quite alarming – as is the rate of escalation. Looks like the Crazy Years are coming to a head.

  2. I stopped following candace mainly because all her posts were this mindless drivel about celebrities and spoiled assholes whining. most of the “conservatives “ are posting useless garbage with cartoonish things popping up on thier videos, none of it is relevant….. just arm up and be ready cause the way democrats are fubaring every single thing it will soon be time to shoot everyone who isnt your friend…

  3. I always thought Candice was retarded and trying to be a black laura Ingram or Ann Coulter. One of her first big breaks after veing discovered as a conservstive black female on social media, she was getting grilled about climate change and global warming and drooled all over herself. At that point to me it seemed she was in it for the money and was playing a personality. It didn’t find anything about her genuine.

  4. I always thought she was off . . . turns out she’s batsh*t crazy.
    If anything, all the recent developments have just reinforced that two of the best things I ever did was (1) delete my Twitter/X and (2) purging my remaining social media feeds of those types of people/outlets. Her, Shapiro, Jesse Kelly, DC Draino, Breitbart, Daily Caller, Daily Wire, Glen Beck etc. etc. were just useless noise and provided nothing to my feed that I couldn’t glean from sources that were trying to get rage engagement.

  5. You: Christian women who have political views I disagree with deserve to be violently raped for their insolence.

    Also you: The growing number of Christians who have stopped supporting Jews is an alarming trend of antisemitism.

    I also like how you conveniently neglected to address any of the verified anti-Christian acts and outright atrocities Zelensky’s regime has committed.

    1. King Cocaine of Ukraine. He (Zelensky) is (IMHO) worse than Putin. He’s jailed an American Journalist that was critical of the Ukraine Regime who also died in Ukraine’s custody. He’s jailed and banned the Russian Orthodox Church and leaders. His minions are actively rounding up(kidnapping) military aged males off the streets of Ukraine. God only knows how much of the money that the US has given him has made it’s way into his personal bank accounts. But yes, let’s just ignore those kind of things because Candace Owens said some mean things.

      Anti-Semitic views are vile. However, so is just labeling someone a jew-hater because of legitimate criticism. I’m kind of with TCK on this one.

    2. 1) Zelenksy is another corrupt Eastern European former com-block leader, who just like Putin, another former com-block leader (and former KGB) goes ablit violating all the human rights of his opponents. That’s why, from the very beginning, I didn’t want to take sides in Ukraine. The Soviet Union was every bit as repressive to Russian Orthodox Christians, Stalin tried to wipe out the Russian Orthodox Church. That’s what Communists do. That doesn’t make it a Jewish conspiracy.

      2) I never said all Christian women should be raped for their insolence. I was very clear that the anti-abortion activists who passed the bill in Alabama that specifically banned abortion in cases of rape, specifically to make people suffer in order to force a SCOTUS decision, should be made to suffer the consequences of their actions. I will not apologize for that. People should be made to suffer for the suffering they impose on others. That is a principle that I stand by.

  6. Religious persecution in Ukraine is not just a Zelinsky thing. The most egregious Christian persecutions have been done by the pro-Russian militias in ethnically Russian areas in the east. This has been a severe problem for decades. Anti-Protestant militias have been murdering evangelical Christians in the east for a long time. See, for instance and This includes torture, murder, and violent destruction of churches.
    This is consistent with the persecution of evangelical Christians in Russia. Putin has a classical “One empire, One leader, One faith” approach to governance, in which the Orthodox Church is part and parcel of national identity and is a tool of national policy and politics. Thus, Putin has been aggressive in building cathedrals throughout the country; one of the most famous is the Moscow armed forces memorial cathedral (do a search on “Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces”. To Putin, the church is an integral part of Mother Russia. Accordingly while he supports the Orthodox church, he persecutes others, particularly Baptists. Do a search on the “Yarovara law.”
    Like Putin, Zelinsky recognizes the political purpose of the Russian Orthodox church and its use in promoting Russian goals. There are two primary Orthodox churches in Ukraine: the Ukrainian branch of the Russian Orthodox Church, and an independent Orthodox church. Zelinsky basically banned the Orthodox churches that answered to Russia. He did not persecute the independent Orthodox churches and does not concern himself with apolitical churches, such as Baptists (which is a large group in Ukraine). I am a Baptist, an my church has been active in support of Baptists in Ukraine for decades; recently it has been too dangerous for us to go there, but that’s not the fault of Zelinsky.
    So, both Putin and Zelinsky have suppressed churches. The pro-Russian militias in Ukraine have been particularly violent in their persecution. Putin has been oppressive inside Russia, but has not resorted to death squads like the pro-Russian miliitias. Zelinsky has suppressed the Russian church in the Ukraine, and has seized some of its resources and facilities, but has not engaged in violence, and has limited his persecution to pro-Russian assets. Neither is a good thing, but considering the two, it is amazing that people condemn Zelinsky and ignore Putin.

    1. Thanks for posting the facts on Evangelical Christian persecution hh465. I wanted to address this history but did not have time yesterday.
      And to just state my position on Candice Owens, she can be justifiably criticized on many issues, but a Black Hitler she is not. I listened to the entire video; I did not see where she specifically attacked Jews. And I also did not see where she provided her sources for her all her views. I am not a fan in the slightest, and don’t follow her because I’m too busy following Ann Coulter.

  7. Really? SHE’S “Hitler?”
    Are you completely crazy? She’s a defender of all sovereign nations right to defense.
    She praised the Trump Administration for moving our Embassy to Jerusalem.
    She just thinks OUR country and OUR border defense should be financed first and foremost.
    Relax Francis!

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