My dear child, those are the ones that grow your food, harvest it and delivery to your local bodega or Whole Foods which by the way, only have enough stock but maybe for a week.

They do not have to pull one trigger, just sit back, do nothing and 2 weeks later you will be selling your asshole to them for a pop-tart and a half a bottle of water.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Bless her heart. She thinks she is going to win.”
  1. A week? More like 3 days, 5 if you’re really lucky. Thanks to the miracle (/sarc) that is just-in-time logistics, most product in a grocery store is out on the shelves within a few hours of being unloaded off of the truck. “The back” of most grocery stores and supermarkets is not the mystical, near-infinite, TARDIS-like space rubes like Dannie D envision; it’s just a loading dock, a small sorting area, an industrial refrigerator for perishable goods, and a walk-in freezer for frozen goods, all of which is maybe a fifth of the size of the store’s retail space at the most.

    1. My thought as well. Especially in large cities, where rent is expensive, so businesses minimize unproductive square footage wherever they can. Translation: on-site storage.
      I’m told that a lot of the NYfC bodegas, for instance, have to restock pretty much every day.

  2. and dannie d will still be trying to finger out what bathroom and what pronouns to use when the real Americans will roll right over “it”. btw- I bet these touchy feely alphabet soup kale eating fuks will make great fertilizer….. especially after the wood chippers fire up. oh, and another thing “it” hasn’t thought of- those good ol boys prob know a thing or two about “making do”….que Hank Jrs Country Boy Can Survive….

  3. What curby said. Them ‘ol boys know how stuff works, and how to fix it if’n it’s broke. And when the Dannie D’s wail “But-but it’s not faaaiiir!”, zero fuchs will be given.

  4. Not to mention, that’s also an “onboard calorie reserve.” Laugh, but in the event, those guys can probably go without three squares a lot longer than dd can.

  5. I live in rural Western New York. If we, the people, rural areas took care of our own before the suburban and city dwellers, we could leverage a different political outcome. Food is a powerful motivator. Time we recognize it. The newer farm tractors and equipment take up a lot of road as well.

  6. Yes, food production aside, let’s chastise, ostracize, and mock those guys that come from a place where opening day of Deere Season is an excused absence from school…
    It’ll work out great for ya. As they say in my adopted home, bless her heart.

  7. Those guys are too fat, old, and tired to be traipsing through the woods. Thats why they end up being such good long range shooters and skeet shooters, tree stands and duck blinds don’t have to move 🙂

  8. Damn near spit my tea all over my keyboard. I love a turn of phrase. I’ll cackle about a poptart and half a bottle of water all day.

    I’ve worked with quite a few of those guys. One thing they are not is weak. Most I’ve known are murderously strong. Comes from working hard all day. Most I’ve known could shoot, and shoot well. BTW, we aren’t in the days of hand to hand combat any longer. What advantage does she think she has?

    Years ago, I was a big guy. 6′ 250lbs. I could squat and bench my weight, deadlift 315 or so. I didn’t look remarkably different than those dudes.

    I went to a krav maga classes with my daughter. One thing that hit me was that the women there were flat out kidding themselves. If I got my paws on them, they were owned. There was literally nothing short of a nut kick they could do. But when I sparred with dudes even bigger than me? I was their bitch.

    Just because they are big doesn’t mean they don’t have strength and stamina.

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