It has been another week. We are slowly finding our rhythm. J.Kb. is doing a great job and high quality content. Miguel is doing his hit and run postings. I’m just hanging on by my fingernails.

Status things:
We still plan to start using memberships in another week. I’ve been writing a new theme that will look like the current theme but provide the features we need under the membership model.

The site decided to purge all the nonces. This is how your browser tells the site that you are the same person on the same browser. Unfortunately it doesn’t really tell you this until you try and post a comment, at which point it gives a nasty message.

The fix is to go to the home page and reload.

As part of the move we prestaged the site to This allowed us to do testing and such. Unfortunately the process also turned all of the mentions in the database into This was most easily seen when clicking on the Gun Free Zone Banner.

This is fixed in the live site. There are still a few instances of the wrong name but nobody should see them.

Fixes in code but not on site yet:
It was brought to our attention that somebodies real name was used when they left a comment after becoming a member. This should not have happened. We’ve set it up to use your username as your display name for now and we’ve updated the code so that if you change your display name all comments you made as a member get the new display name.

WordPress, the software that runs this site, has a feature called “nickname”. If you set your nickname you can also set the your displayed name to your nickname. This will allow you to have a user name that is not displayed. Members can get to this feature by logging in and then going to the small bar at the top right that starts with “Howdy,” Use that to edit your profile and you can change your Nickname and your Display Name.

The stopper right now is we are adding the “Nickname” field to the registration and membership edit profile pages.

For members that are at the Shooter level, please feel free to contribute articles to the blog by sending to either awa(at) or gunfreezone(at) Contributions will be posted under your name.

Finally, we’ve added code so that we can make “Feedback” Postings. A feedback posting is open to comments from anybody.

This is a feedback posting so you’ll be able to give whatever feedback about the site you want.

Go for it. Please let us know what we are doing right and what we need to change.

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By awa

7 thoughts on “Blog Status”
    1. We can add paypal and we can accept checks and postal orders soon. If we get a couple of people that want to pay for memberships that way let us know and we’ll figure it out.

      If you have a suggested payment method please suggest. We’re not real interested in crypto at this point.

  1. Can you guys take a look at mobile view? I read this in the feedly app on my android phone and when a comment thread gets 3 deep, the text is only 5 characters wide and unreadable.

    1. Yeah, it gets bad at that level. I find myself turning my sidewise to read those.

      One of the options we have is to do some sort of expansion process. I’ll add that to the list of things to look into. I’m sorry but it is pretty low on the list right now.

  2. Everything works and looks good. Really like what you’ve done with the place. The content has been very good. Looking forward to continuing hanging out here when I take a break from my daily grind, but i have to say, “I miss ya Miguel, but I understand”.

    1. I don’t miss a guy that gets to play with lotsa guns and is better looking than me. 😛😉😉
      And lives closer to my daughter and grandsons than me.

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