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I was in elementary school when I found out my blood type. It was the first “Biology experiment” (Rhesus monkey story included) we had in school with the whole class getting typed and going home with a small card with the relevant information. It was so cool that it was imprinted in my brain and never forgot it.

If you still by any chance do not know such important piece of personal health information, you can get a kit in Amazon for just over $7 rather than the $20 with promo code plus other fees offered by Quest. And, of course, it is always good to know the blood types of your loved ones, for emergencies.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “Blood Type ignorance?”
  1. “More Americans know which celebrities are doing what than how to get home in an emergency “…… welcome to the new world order where self reliance is a thing from the old days… ignorance is cool… oy vey…

  2. Why pay $7 to test it yourself. Donate a pint. Your local blood bank will give you a card with your type on it. And, some cookies, too!

  3. I remember doing that in class as well and being the last year to do it since it was “dangerous”. Blood type goes on my ICE card in my wallet and a little tag on my shoe laces.

    Those amazon kits are dead simple too!

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