Micheal Bloomberg gave a speech in Aurora, Colorado, in which he explained how he wants to destroy the right to keep and bear arms.

He wants to make the US like New York City, where owning a gun is not a right but a privilege.

Right now, the Federal government has to have a reason to deny you a gun.  You have to be a felon, convicted of domestic violence, be adjudicated mentally ill, or meet one of the other prohibited person criteria.  If you are not a prohibited person and are of legal age, the default is your right to own a gun.

In New York City, it is exactly the opposite.  You have to have a permit to purchase a gun and the process is set up to default to deny applicants unless they are well connected or grease the requisite NYPD palms.

For Bloomberg, passing a background check at the time of sale is not enough.  He wants the ability to preemptively deny you the right to buy a gun.

“No matter what the background check says, can you stop them from getting a gun.”

It doesn’t matter if you are not a prohibited person, your right will be infringed upon.  Your rights can be denied even without a conviction in Bloomberg’s America.

He tries to justify this by comparing registering to vote to gun registration.

If he wants to make that comparison, I am all for having a lengthy discussion about restricting the franchise.  Like the great Robert A. Heinlein, I think it should be earned, but not limited to civil service.  Civil service is one way, but being a net positive taxpayer is sufficient.  If you get more money from the governor than you pay into it (exceptions for people on Social Security or Disability) you don’t get to vote.

But I have a feeling he’s not interested in kicking people on welfare off the voter rolls.

The reason voting registration exists and is important is for Congressional representation.  We need to make sure that a person votes only for the Congressional seat that they live in so that everyone gets adequate representation.  Without it, the Democrats in heavy blue districts could send some excess Democrat voters into low population density Republican districts to swing their elections.

There is no equivalent compelling reason to restrict gun rights.  When he invokes the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” that is a call to restrict the power of government.

It is a complete inversion of our Founding Father’s intent to make the argument:

Big government must restrict the Constitutional rights of citizens so that free citizens do not threaten the liberty of other citizens.

This is an argument for the nanny state, of which Bloomberg is the self-appointed Handicapper General.

Hopefully, Bloomberg’s desire for a presidency based on tyrannical gun control falls as flat and Douche Nuk’em Swalwell’s, and that it takes his entire $54 Billion with him.

What I do know is that trying to impose that on Alabama will make the south rise again.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Bloomberg is campaigning on the destroying the RTKBA”
    1. That’s only accurate in an extrmely limited way. The Constitution does address the right to vote in a bunch of places (in the amendments). If you mean it in the sense that there is no absolute or unlimited right to vote, or no ability for states to limit it, that’s true so far as it goes. But, for example, states can’t limit it by gender or age (if 18+). Also, if the right to vote is abridged by a state, its number of Representatives is abridged in proportion. So while the 14th Amendment doesn’t outlaw limitations on the right to vote, it certainly makes them very painful.

  1. We know Bloomberg is the owner of most anti-gun clubs. The surprising thing isn’t that he wants to do these things, but that (like Robert Francis O’Rourke) he actually admitted it.
    As for his analogy, I know he is stupid but I didn’t think he was that stupid. Yes, you need to register to vote. But registrations are “shall issue”, so to speak, and in blue jurisdictions are available to anyone, alive or dead, no questions asked.
    By the way, this notion of his isn’t all that different from the nightmare proposed in Senate Bill 2449, by Booker and Blumenthal.

  2. Yes, voting is a constitutional right however, nowhere in the constitution does it require you to register. That is a government added part. Bloomberg is a socialist dick….

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