This Twitter conversation is epic:


Remember that March For Our Lives only existed because it was initially funded and boosted by Everytown for Gun Safety.

Had it not been for Michael Bloomberg’s injection of cash and logistical support David Hogg and Co. would have been a short lived media flash in the pan.

So it is fantastic to watch ineffectual David Hogg rail on social media about the ineffectiveness of the dwarf King and the parent organization that made him the man-child he is today.

They’ve been ineffectual, not because of the money, but because gun control has been proven beyond any doubt to be useless at stopping crime and harmful to law abiding citizens.

Between the Michael Brown and George Floyd riots, bail reform, and social justice policing and prosecution, the only people left who think that gun control works and law abiding citizens shouldn’t be able to own guns to protect themselves are gun-hating true believers.

After some Leftist politicians instigate a riot, the moderate Democrats in their districts go out and buy guns as they rebuild their homes and businesses that were destroyed.

In this way Hogg is the perfect true believer, a Leftist from an Ivy League school insulated from the violence his policies create.

Even from the very beginning, he wasn’t where the shooting happened.  He showed up later to capitalize on other people’s suffering for his own machinations.

So it is with great pleasure that I see Hogg turn on Bloomberg.

Let this be a lesson to everyone else who thinks of being Hogg’s benefactor.

Hogg is a narcissist without loyalty and will eventually turn on them too.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s monster is attacking its creator”
  1. Or, the Hogg-meister wil get mugged in Harvard Square one night and he’ll actually get to experience being a crime victim.

  2. Changing a two-and-half century old constitutional protection that rests on top of seven prior centuries of Anglophone common law… is… like… really hard!

    1. Ish,

      It wasn’t hard for the British, Australians, or the New Zealanders. They have already flushed their gun rights and their Self Defense Rights both. Canada is in the process of doing the same.

      Now all the right thinking people in those countries are working on eliminating Freedom of Speech and Right to Assembly.

      1. Good point. The thing that stands in the way (a little, not nearly as much as it should but more than nothing) is the Constitution. That’s something the USA has and those other countries do not. It may not be the whole answer (culture also accounts for some of the difference) but it is no doubt a significant part.

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