Blue wave violence, Pt. 2

Earlier today I covered what I thought was the origin of an attack and a threat of an attack against people on the Right.

Without fail, the media proved my (and Miguel’s) point.

This is from the communications director of Senator Susan Collins:

That’s bad.  I feel bad for the Senator’s staffers who have to sit there professionally and take that.

So how did the national media respond?

According to the pundit on MSNBC, this just shows how passionate these people are.  They are just really worried about these life and death issues.

Not that the Democrats have whipped people up into a frenzy with histrionic statements about a SCOTUS pick leaving millions dead in the streets and reducing women to “subhuman baby vessels.”

Of course these are the letters and calls the media was willing to play on the air.  I guarentee that the ones that were too graphic for the news were death threats and rape threats.

Don’t worry, they are just passionate.

I for every thousand people that is willing to call or write something abusive and nasty, just one was willing to act on his or her “passion,” a lot of politicians and their staff are going to be in danger.

I’m not sure what the laws are in various states, but if I were a Republican member of Congress, I’d start letting my staff carry concealed in the state office.  I know I would be.

3 Replies to “Blue wave violence, Pt. 2”

  1. Sen. Collins should also carry herself, including in DC.
    The WSJ had an editorial about this, and also the related attempts to influence her by bribery. It specifically mentioned that there were calls threatening rape, both of her and of her staffers.
    This is hardly surprising; I remember a photo of “protesters” at the Trump Tower, it may have been the day after the election, one of whom carried a sign reading “Rape Melania”. I’ve never seen any followup about that.

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