Blue wave violence

Miguel touched on the attempted stabbing of Congressional candidate Randy Peters earlier today.

I have my own feelings on this and the cause being a lot closer to home.

Maxine Waters has always been a terrible member of Congress.  She is consistently one of the most corrupt members of Congress and had the dishonor of being named the most corrupt four times.  She is also one of the stupidest people ever elected to any office ever.

In an age where Trump Derangement Syndrome is spreading through the Left like the Black Death in Medieval Europe, her unhinged and neigh-criminal rantings have taken her laughing stock to #Resistance super hero, affectionately dubbed “Auntie Maxine.”

Not long ago, she decided to weigh in on the Sarah Sanders/Red Hen scenario by telling people to harass Trump’s cabinet members whenever they are out in public.

Just the other day, she doubled down saying that she threatened Trump supporters all the time, as though that was something to be proud of.

I’m not laying this all at the feet of Maxine Waters.  She may be the most vocal in this way, but the loudest voices in the Democrat party are all unhinged.

Senator Diane Feinstein claimed that the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh would get people killed.

It’s not just gun control.  According to the Left, Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v. Wade and usher in a dystopian hellhole where women are dying by the millions of illegal, coat hanger abortions.

The former Democrat Governor of Virginia – and Clinton body man – doubled down on the “Kavanaugh will cost lives” hysteria.

An open letter by Yale Law School students and alumni said the same thing.

They call Kavanaugh a “death sentence” for Americans.

CNBC claimed that the Trump tax cuts will kill 10,000 people per year.

Logic dictates that the GOP is going to kill Americans, it’s only reasonable to kill the GOP.

So a Castro Valley man allegedly cursed Trump, tried to stab GOP congressional candidate.

On the other side of the country DC police investigate threat to commit mass shooting at a MAGA event in Trump International Hotel.


Bloomberg doesn’t need to rely on a stabbing in Brazil that I doubt anybody heard about to justify the attempted murder of a Republican Congressional candidate or a room full of Trump supporters.

All the people need to do is listen to Auntie Maxine and the rest of the main stream Democrats on how Trump is going to kill tens-of-thousands, hundreds-of-thousands, and millions of Americans every year with coat hangers, starvation, and mass shootings.

The Democrats seem to be laying it all out right now that they will take control of the House and Senate in a massive blue wave and impeach Trump.

If that fails to materialize, the rhetoric and panic will only get worse.

So will the violence.

6 Replies to “Blue wave violence”

  1. Is that “dreamstar” character in jail for threatening murder? Will he/she ever be?
    Along the same lines, check out today’s WSJ editorial about attempts to bribe Susan Collins to vote No on Kavanaugh. There too, I fully expect none of the perpetrators ever to be charged.

  2. Your point is well taken, but Terry McAuliffe is no longer the governor of Virginia. Virginia holds gubernatorial elections in odd-numbered years (don’t ask me why) and since the beginning of this year the governor has been Ralph Northam. He’s a McAuliffe clone, but he’s not McAuliffe.

  3. War, it is said, is the extension of politics by other means.

    So in that sense they’re consistent… But I’m guessing they won’t appreciate being “politic”ed right back. At least that’s been the case to this point, what with TDS and all.

    I just pray the lefties come to their senses before it gets too out of hand. Granted, it’s their hand that’s driving this, but still.

  4. So this “dreamstar” fellow is bringing a Kimber? No worries, it will jam after the first shot, then someone wearing a MAGA hat can return fire with their Glock.

    I kid, I kid.

    Seriously, though, that person posted a threat to kill and posted a picture of a firearm. They should be found and prosecuted. The left shrieks about people who have the potential for violence not being allowed to have guns; they should start by turning their own guns in. “dreamstar” probably works for Twitter.

  5. Terry McAuliffe Is projecting his belief and support for judicial activism.
    What he actually knows is that an originalist will not cause harm to his program. Maybe slow it down, but no harm.

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