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I keep getting dragged to the SicFi/Fantasy books. Most I do not enjoy since they are too chirpy and touchy/feely and mostly annoyingly optimistic (That is what happens when you first futuristic books were A Brave New World and 1984.)

Her Brother’s Keeper was just a blast. Mike Kupari did not try to engulf you with philosophical questions on how future worlds should be, but just provided me with a fun interesting set of worlds with different philosophies that just are , warts and all and you get to like them or not.

The book touches on both the bonds of blood by family and spilled in combat. No over dramatic statements are needed to explain them: You either get them because you’ve been there or you wish you could. The book is also devoid of amazingly complicated twists and turns that a lot of lesser authors enjoy doing because somehow they makes them looks smart…which is a conceited way to say their readers are dumb. The story here is pretty straight-forward and with enough chaos to cover the old adage of “no plan ever survives first contact.”  You root for the good guys and hope the bad guys die a fiery and painful death, what else is there to ask?

So, if you are looking for a Sci-Fi book that delves into the morality and social consciousness of the interstellar travelers as they meet their prejudices at First Contact, this is not the book you are looking for (waves hand).

If you are looking for a Sci/Fi book to sit and enjoy, this is the one.

Her Brother’s Keeper is available in Paper, Electrons and Soundwave forms at Amazon.

And don’t forget to get Mike Kupari’s other books with Larry Correia: Dead Six and Sword of Exodus.

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