Cory Booker answered a question about guns at his CNN Town Hall.

First of all, good job CNN and the mainstream media.  A woman being scared of sending her daughter to school because of a potential mass shooting is exactly the kind of unhealthy paranoia fueled by a 24/7 news cycle that causes people to have a skewed view of reality.

Put it this way, since Columbine in 1999, 223 people have been killed in school shootings.  Between 2010 and 2014, 2,885 children have been killed in car accidents.  That’s more than ten times as many dead in one-fourth the time span.

A mother should be far more terrified of driving her child to school than her child being shot while at school, but that fact doesn’t bolster CNN’s ratings or get people to turn our for Democrats threatening to “do something.”

Second, Democrats can’t stop demonstrating that they don’t understand the idea of freedom.

“How can we be free unless we take away people’s Constitutional civil liberties because CNN has scared me to death.”

This is Orwell’s Newspeak definition of free.

The word free still existed in Newspeak, but it could only be used in such statements as ‘This dog is free from lice’ or ‘This field is free from weeds’. It could not be used in its old sense of ‘ politically free’ or ‘intellectually free’ since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed even as concepts, and were therefore of necessity nameless.

For this woman, free means not having to fear a low probability event because other people’s rights were infringed upon.

So what was Senator Booker’s answer to this woman?

Well, it needs to be said, Booker is the most overdone ham I’m political theater today.  Truly Calculon level performance.

He dives right into the “gun owners want universal background checks” bullshit.

This is as transparently fake a talking point as the “scientific consensus around global warming.”

From there he goes to the NRA/gun industry blood libel.

“The NRA doesn’t want regulations because they want to make money instead of preventing people from getting killed.”

Talk about othering people.  I thought Democrats were against that.  Because Booker’s position is that the NRA executive management is the enemy of the safety and security of the American people, which is a hell of a statement to make.  That’s why he as to “take on” the NRA.  There is nothing the Left loves than a minority enemy it can scapegoat and promise to destroy.

The NRA doesn’t represent gun makers and I’m pretty sure most NRA members don’t want to have go to an FFL to shoot a buddy’s new gun a couple of times.

What he says next is honestly the biggest bullshit of the night.

It is amazing that a US Senator doesn’t know what the Lautenberg Amendment is.  But why should he, it seems that elected officials are the most ignorant people when it comes to the topic of actual laws on the books.

There is no loophole that allows a person convicted of domestic violence to get a gun, unless you count felony violation of the law a loophole.  Knowingly breaking the law is not a loophole.

Booker also supports No Fly, No Buy.  So I guess he’s not just going to take on the NRA but the ACLU as well.

It’s great than an American politician wants to be able to strip Americans of their civil rights by putting their name on a secret list without a trial or conviction.

Then he brings up Newark, New Jersey.  Virtually all of the gun violence there is gang related.  He talks about the homicide rate of young black men and wants to bring a fight to the NRA because of that.

I wasn’t aware that the NRA was responsible for the rate of young black men raised without a father, or who drop out of school, or any of the other social problems that have been proven to be the cause this death rate in Newark, Chicago, LA, and other cities in America.

Booker has no idea how to deal with gun violence.

He has no idea how to deal with young black men being killed in gang shootings or how to prevent school shootings.

I can tell you that taking on the NRA and stripping the civil liberties of law abiding Americans won’t stop the violence, but Booker doesn’t care about that.

Personally, if I were going to totally obliterate a Constitutional right in the pursuit of reducing gun violence, I’d take out the 10th Amendment and institute a ban on single mothers raising boys.  Trust me that it would be far more effective than an AWB.

He hates the NRA, gun owners, and guns, and that’s it and he is going to try and getting elected by declaring war on us.

I just wish Democrats could muster as much anger toward Islamic terrorists or cartel smugglers or other people doing real harm to our country as they do for law abiding gun owners.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Booker is scaring people with lies”
  1. “I just wish Democrats could muster as much anger toward Islamic terrorists or cartel smugglers or other people doing real harm to our country as they do for law abiding gun owners.”

    If I were cynical I’d point out that gun owners tend to be pretty peaceable as a group, live-and-let-live, while those others tend to respond much more promptly and vigorously to real, perceived or sometimes even imagined insults or threats. So gun owners are safer to try to bully.

    If I were cynical.

  2. Personally, if I were going to totally obliterate a Constitutional right in the pursuit of reducing gun violence, I’d take out the 10th Amendment and institute a ban on intentionally-single mothers raising boys in an urban, liberal enclave.

    There. Fixed it.

    I know plenty of good men who were raised by single mothers. The primary differences are:
    – The young men weren’t raised in the inner city, where the most prominent local male role models are gang members — instead, they were farmers, contractors, and business owners, most of them fathers themselves.
    – Most of the mothers weren’t single by choice; they were widows, usually due to military service or accidents. But even the divorcees didn’t shut the dads out completely (barring an abusive relationship; sadly, I know a couple of those).

    Distilling both points down, the single-mom-raised men I know were raised in an environment where traditional male values — the kind the Left now calls “toxic masculinity” — were desired and appreciated instead of reviled and discarded.

    It makes a HUGE difference.

    Funny thing is, you could fix at least some of this, tomorrow. Just stop the SNAP/TANF preferences toward estranged single moms, and make it easier for dads to help support their families. It’s ridiculous how many public benefits are set up so that if dad is in the picture, mom and kids don’t qualify, which just encourages mom to kick dad to the curb even when he wants to help.

    End that, and the problem will at least partially solve itself.

  3. Why don’t the media do their freaking job and ask him why he voted no on sen Cornyn’s terrorist watchlist bill? If this is so important for him, why did he vote no? Yeah, yeah, he liked Fiendstein’s bill better because it establishes that due process isn’t needed to strip second amendment rights, but surely he must find the GOP compromise better than nothing?

  4. No no no. The domestic violence loophole does exist! You can easily buy a gun at retail when you’ve been committed of domestic violence because federal and state agencies continually fail to fulfill a critical function of their job by accurately maintaining and reporting those convictions! That’s the loophole; it’s all thanks to the federal and state governments!

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