Anyone, everyone, who understands the basics of self defense laws knows that warning shots are illegal.

You have the right to defend yourself.

Even Black people.

You do not have the right to fire off a gun into the air.

I blame the media and politicians like President Biden who portray warning shots as a good and/or legal action.

Bullets that go up come down, sometimes hitting innocent people far away.

But trust race baiting dumbasses like Tariq Nasheed not to understand that so state that self defense is denied to Black people because of racism and for one of his supporters to then not understand how gravity and ballistics work so claim that a very dangerous act is only illegal because of racism.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Both the laws of self defense and gravity are racist”
  1. So this would mean … a handgun that shoots a round travelling faster than escape velocity wouldn’t be racist?
    I gotta get me one of those!

  2. I’m wondering… what is terminal velocity of a handgun or rifle bullet? Clearly “what goes up must come down” is true, but how fast? “As fast as golfball sized hail” perhaps. That would sting but would it cause serious injury?

    Warning shots fired at low elevation angles are an entirely different matter, which is why I keep pointing out that Dutch police are idiots.

    1. In a perfect straight up and down thing it’s probably just painful to be hit by a falling bullet.

      In reality they are always a ballistic trajectory that is still at lethal velocity.

      Look at the video. That woman is probably shooting at a 60 degree angle. Those bullets are coming down at lethal speeds.

  3. THIS boys and girls (real ones { #2btw }) is Just, 1 of the reasons we are DONE.
    It was over, long ago.

    This level of Ignorance can’t be Educated, Reasoned with, attempt to explain reality.
    …..or even “Re-Educated.”

    This….Is A Zombie.

    The Education and “Well-Fair” system are churning out this level of ……
    Sheer Shit for Brains Ignorance and Stupidity like Rabbits at a Orgy.
    Everyday Every Year and have been for decades.
    Prime example of Muh diversity, right there.
    Wonderful ain’t it ?

    A No Legged Horse will Never, Run Faster. Never.
    And Damn technology.
    It will NEVER happen.

  4. Yes, it was stupid, and probably illegal.

    The local prosecutor should still decline the case, and not file charges. Her actions were clearly in self-defense, and while not perfect, no one was hurt.

    This is a teaching moment, not a prosecution moment.

    I was a prosecutor for 11+ years. I’d decline to file charges in this case.

  5. IANAL warning applies here…
    There is a reason why warning shots are poison to self defense cases.
    Prosecutor: “If you had time to fire a warning shot, you were not in jeopardy.”
    Defense: “Uhh…. But, the defendant was going to be in jeopardy any second…”
    Jury: “Guilty as charged.”
    I believe one or two states will allow a warning shot, but in most, if you pull the trigger, you better be in immediate jeopardy of life and limb. Not just scaring someone away.

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