This person is a global affairs analyst for CNN.

Trump wanted Germany to carry it’s weight in NATO.

Germany hasn’t done that for years on the assumption that Russia wouldn’t actually roll tanks into Europe like everyone thought the Soviets would do.

Biden’s incompetent bumble-fucking emboldened Putin to roll tanks into Europe.

Germany clenches its asshole in the sudden realization that the US can’t be counted on as a counter to Russian expansion and starts spending the defense money it needed to all along.

New Yorker Magazine and CNN writer does the mental gymnastics to look at this and say “Putin got Germany to do what Trump couldn’t.”

That’s like saying “having both feet amputated got the diabetic to do what his doctor had been telling him to do, manage his sugar levels better.”

Holy fuck.

The tragedy is that the takes are only going to get worse as they try to reclaim the narrative that this isn’t more evidence of how bad Biden is failing at everything.



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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Boy howdy that’s a take”
  1. Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them. In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know. — Michael Crichton

  2. The mentality it takes to come up with that horseshit tweet indicates you’re seeing either someone with TDS so bad it has actually rewired their brain to imbecile level, or they believe their intended audience is actually stupid to the point they will just accept the propaganda as is.

  3. The money will go to the military but rather to some PR-bullshit, “advisors” and “experts” and other grifters.
    Germany did not spend 2% of it’s GDP on the military but it was never a lack of money in general that crippled the Bundeswehr.

    1. Will they get the jets flying again?
      Will the subs actually leave the dock?
      Will the tanks shoot and scoot?
      Will they actually pay their soldiers enough Overtime Pay so they can finish an entire NATO exercise?

      How many other NATO militaries are just as messed up?

      1. How many others? Most of them. For example, I don’t know if the Dutch have improved since the Srebenice debacle, but I wouldn’t bet on it. They have toy soldiers who are good at playing soccer on base and supporting their trade union (yes, really). Fighting the bad guys, not so much.

      2. That would require Germany to stop using bull-shit ‘green’ fuel sources and go back to fossil fuels only.

        Because that’s the reason their planes can’t fly, their tanks don’t roll, their ships and subs don’t sail.

  4. Miles,
    They are so Righteous in their Belief. These are the same people that scheduled the Jewish round ups and the trains in the most efficient manner back in 1943-1945. These are the same people that drove the people out of Phnom Penh into the fields to begin Year Zero.
    These are the same people that know, just know deep in their heart once they get rid of all fossil fuels, then renewables and alternative energy will magically appear from rainbow shitting unicorns. Their electicity comes from those outlets in the walls. Their water comes out of the water tap, Their poo magically flushes down the drain. Their meat comes in saran wrapped packages, it is not cows and pigs. They never wonder where those huge trucks full of smelly garbage go. Most of them never even notice the trucks either. Good Intentions are their world. Cause and Effect are their Kryptonite.
    They are the ELOI, and damned proud of it!

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