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5 thoughts on “Brace for an increase in the f*ckening”
  1. Could wheat become a profitable crop for small farms? Last time I looked, the threshold for paying the farm expenses and making a decent year’s income was around 500 acres if you owned the land, and 1000 acres if renting (vaguely recalled from a few years ago). Raise the price per bushel enough, and, while we’re a long way from backyard wheat being a cash crop, smaller farms might get into the game. (‘Course, next year the economics might be wildly different.)
    Got some almost-prepared soil; got a stash of wheat that should be sproutable; maybe I’ll plant a few hundred square feet of wheat this year. Nobody tell Commissar Wickard!
    … Which reminds me: I was going to buy a bushel tub, for various harvest-season uses.
    Oh, and I was gazing with awe upon the numbers on the gas stations yesterday, being thankful I filled all the gas & Diesel cans a few weeks ago, and worrying about what the summer refill will cost. And I think I’ll be driving the Prius a lot more than the truck.

    1. Not very many 18 wheelers have larger than a pair of 150 gallon tanks, excess fuel weight cuts into weight available for payload/increases overweight fines/no available room on the frame for larger tanks. I don’t recall ever seeing a 225-250 gal tank on a road tractor, only one bull hauler that had two 200 gallon tanks and a pair of 100 behind those. Besides, the tanks are interconnected.

  2. I heard oil went over $140 today. Roughly up 40% over the weekend.

    The engineered collapse of the dollar is almost here.

  3. The dryland wheat out here is not looking great. It’s been a very dry, cold winter, which is bad for dryland winter wheat. Irrigated is looking good to decent. That’s not helping futures, either.

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