Food prices are going to jump again:


So will the prices of everything else, if you can find it:


The next President needs to make domestic production of everything his top issue.

At this point, if I were President, I’d shut down the EPA and let Big Agriculture build all the fertilizer plants they can build in the US.  If Monsanto ran over eco protesters with a bulldozer while laying a fertilizer plant foundation, I wouldn’t care, I’d have a stack if pardons on my desk ready to go for such a situation.

The same for microchips, OTC pharmaceuticals, earth metals, and everything else we need but have shipped production overseas.

We regulated ourselves out of being an independent nation.  This is a strategic weakness and it needs to be fixed.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Brace yourselves for the next wave of f*ckening”
    1. Friend is diabetic, and his insulin comes from all over the place. I have seen India, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, and surprisingly, Israel.

  1. The WSJ has an editorial today pointing out that the crazy left doesn’t like energy of any kind. They pretend to like green energy, but that stops the moment you actually try to put it into use. Want a windmill? Not where their rich supporters can see it. Power lines? Nope. Mines, to dig up lithium or rare earth elements for magnets? Nope again. The rational conclusion is that either they can’t think at all (the most plausible answer) or alternatively, that their hidden goal is to send us back to the Middle Ages, with the assumption that they will be the nobles and we the serfs.
    The fertilizer thing seems just like this. Given a source of hydrogen, which can be “green” if you have enough money, or not, you can make fertilizer without any other use of fossil fuels. Electricity will do the job.

  2. There were a lot of reasons I did not like Trump before he was in the White House, but dammit…. he was right about a lot of stuff. Especially his stance on government regulations.
    Requiring a Federal Agency to cancel two regulations for every new one implemented was genius. The economy, and quality of life, improved significantly.

  3. Want Cheap Nitrogen Based fertilizers? Ammonium Nitrates and Ammonia?

    Ammonia made with the Haber Process. We need plentiful and cheap Natural Gas. Drill and Frack, and you will have cheap gas and then plenty of cheap fertilizer. European fertilizer plants are shut down because Europe has a natural gas shortage. Europe barely has enough North Sea and Russian Natural Gas to keep the lights on and the homes heated at near extortionary prices. There is no available extra European natural gas to feed their domestic fertilizer plants.

    Then add in the Number 1 and 3 Potash (the K in N-P-K fertilizer) exporters are Russia and Ukraine. Non-Nitrogen based are very important for farms with poor soils, like Western Australia.

    Did someone mention that Burlington Northern is curtailing private rail car shipments by 20% this Spring? Domestic Fertilizer is shipped by the fertilizer producers using private rail cars.

  4. I’m hearing rumors at work this will be worse than the initial disruptions during the 1st year of covid. More chip shortages, part shortages, limited new vehicles on sales lots for the foreseeable future. Plus all of the other stuff that comes from China. Add to that the food shortages that are pending and all of the inflation, and you have quite the storm. Add a gas shortage and then its a party. War is usually not far behind.

      1. “Violence is rarely the answer, but when it is … it is the only answer.” — Tim Larkin

        There are instances in which violence is one valid answer among many, and I would generally urge attempting all other answers, if such is reasonable, before resorting to violence.

        But in the rare case that violence is THE answer, it is the ONLY answer.

        I hate the idea, too, but I’ve seen nothing thus far to disprove that statement.

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