Start shit in rural towns in the Midwest, Deep South, and rural areas where gun ownership exceeds 50% at least and the local police/sheriffs are Conservative and tend to favor self defense as justification.

Brilliant plan.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Brilliant plan….”
  1. They tried that in 2020, didn’t work out so well then, and sure as hell won’t this time around either…

    1. And for the most part those small town police departments and rural sheriffs know who to call upon for added backup. Think Coffeyville KS 1892, not Seattle CHAZ/CHOP 2020.

  2. That had to be some conservative trolling the left. I mean, they are dumb, but I think even they know that pulling their crap in a small town likely surrounded by thousands of acres of farmland and farmers with backhoes and maybe some hog farms is not going to end well for them. The really stupid ones might fall for it.

    1. There’s truth to that. I grew up in a small, rural Illinois community. I heard more than once from a relative, “I can dig a hole so [insert colorful expletives here] deep they’ll never be able to find a [more colorful expletives] thing.”
      The man owned an excavation company and had no less than a 25-ton excavator, a backhoe, several bulldozers at his disposal and he was friendly with the hog farm he did all the dirt work for. Given the nature of that town, it would have never surprised me if he had dug one or a few of those holes.

  3. I’m reminded of Bob Lee Swagger encountering the goons that came onto his property.
    “Thats that’s a slow draw you got there. Sure you want to do that? Shoot a dog in this county on a man’s land, I’ll bury you in the hills and tell the sheriff a moth or two later later. He’ll understand.”
    A comment I saw on this subject summed it up nicely. “You want to go pick a fight with people who have shooting ranges in their back yard? Let me know how that goes for you.”

  4. It’s also true that a large proportion of military volunteers come from towns just like this. Just imagine all those veterans…

    1. Not to mention a fair few veterans who came from urban areas originally, but chose to settle in rural areas after there service. Often, to get away from exactly this sort of bullshit.

      I know this was probably just some teenage keyboard cowboy acting smug behind the anonymity of the internet… But I think we might soon see someone try to fuck around and find out.

      1. To me, it seems like it more a 21st century of a band of warriors beating their shields with the flat of their swords, screaming epithets, and so on. Building courage in themselves, and trying to spark fear in their opponent, before the charge to battle.

  5. See, shit like this sends me down the “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” path and being perfectly fine with someone passing all their info out to the public since they’re fine with dumping the info for anyone who disagrees with them.

  6. You could always return the favor. Urban areas have surprisingly vulnerable infrastructure. Just use an electric substation for target practice. Or be polite and place a few fake bombs and observe the freakout. The fake bombs can be a sociology experiment, mark half with Antifa and half with MAGA, see which gets more news coverage.

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