Being a Florida boy, born and raised, I have a lot of familiarity with machetes as yard tools.

There is nothing more effective at trimming palm fronds than a machete.

Anything that can hack through the tough stems of a palmetto can hack through you.

Machetes as a weapon scare the fuck out of me.

This is a machete attack in Scotland.


This is how it was reported in the UK:

Footage shows brutal machete attack in Glasgow as source claims victim ‘lost limbs’

Limbs, plural.


Despite what anti-gun idiots say, blades are a terrible threat.

It’s not just “a knife” or “a machete.”

It’s something that can take arms off.

If someone comes at you with a blade, especially a big one like a machete, distance and a gun is your friend.



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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Bring a gun to a machete fight”
  1. They had some poor soul on the ground screaming for his life and that scream brought back many bad memories.

    On a whim I checked the posters media and he seems to have pioneered some “Knives Destroy Lives” program. Surely it isn’t the four invaders doing it nah cant say that. Most of the commenters blame rich people not donating enough money to something or other?

  2. Send them home; they’re not Scottish and they just want to live the same way their ancestors did.

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