Everytown reported on the tragic death of Jajuan Hubert Latham, a 12 year old boy, killed in a gang shooting following a memorial for Jujuan’s cousin Zaevion Dobson who was also killed in a gang shooting.  Zaevion Dobson was a 15 year old boy who died protecting three girls from crossfire in gang shooting late last year.


This story is heartbreaking and I feel nothing but empathy for this family that lost two innocent children in gang shootings.

Enter the antis over at Everytown who know EXACTLY who to blame for this tragedy, and why.


Of course it is the NRA’s fault.  If the NRA didn’t donate to politicians these boys would still be alive.

Except, not. Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch chimed in on this shootings with an amazing level of wisdom and insight:

The violence has got to stop, this can’t go on. We do not need to bury anymore children.  It’s my gang is better than your gang. That makes no sense to me.  They’re cowards.  A coward shoots blindly at a crowd.

Chief Rausch laid the blame for this not at the feet of the NRA or politicians or law abiding gun owners but on gang culture that perpetuates violence.  Be it Knoxville, New York, or Chicago, it is this gang honor culture that results in bloodshed.

But that fact doesn’t fit the anti’s narrative, so rather than going after gang culture, they go after gun culture – which are not synonymous.


I am reminded of the quote by former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, explaining the moment that Israel will find lasting peace:  “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

I believe that this applies to gang culture as well.  Gang violence will end when the predominate culture values life more than it values territorialism, reputation, vengeance, or the other cultural attributes that make it acceptable for gang members to shoot each other on sight.

Law abiding gun enthusiasts (or dyed-in-the-wool guns nuts such as myself) are not a contributing factor in gang violence.  If I had a nickel for every shooting I’ve ever read about, caused by some member of Ducks Unlimited wandering into Safari Club International territory… I’d be broke.  Because it doesn’t happen.

BTW, you can spot those Duckers by the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo they wear.  Realtree AP for life, bitchez!!!

Also, I love how Ms. Maxie seems to have no problem with gang violence as long as it is conducted without guns.  If fist fights are OK by her, does she have an issue with knife fighting?  Sure some people got killed in in West Side Story, but since there were no guns in it, it was just a cute little rom-com musical.

There is an old expression: when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Well, for the antis at Everytown, when all you have is an anti-gun dogma, every problem looks like the NRA’s fault.  Of course it isn’t, which is why these true-believers will never solve anything.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Broken Record”
  1. Substitute the word ‘abortion’ for ‘gun’ and see how those tweets read. If they are so concerned about the children and/or blacks, then why are Moms not demanding action over abortion.

  2. The intended consequences of the liberal utopia, by destroying the educational system they produced unemployable people thrown into an economy with few entry level jobs where they might pick up a skill of some kind. Now with only welfare money in their pocket and a lot of time it’s hang out with all the others in the same situation, the boredom leads to drug use and to pay for them they sell the same. The police pick off one low level dealer at a time so they can learn a trade in prison although the trade they pick up doesn’t fit well into society. Once out the have the street “creds” to run the gang, pass on their knowledge learned in prison and pick up younger and younger gang members who only go to juvy when caught with a gun earning them street “creds”. So around it goes until a generation or two after you break the liberal utopian school system and replace it with one that teaches how to think not what to think.

  3. Removing various black markets would probably go a long way to cut down on gang violence. No turf or market to protect means you aren’t killing anyone over it.

    1. Then what one needs is a REAL war on drugs utilizing the military!
      For right now its not going to happen.
      Hmm…follow the money?

  4. Authentic American gun culture is about good guys with guns being prepared to defend themselves and the helpless from bad guys with guns. (Bad guys with guns belong in their own “criminal” culture.) It’s about respect for our heritage, hunting, self-reliance, responsibility, and individual rights (“rights” and “responsibilities” always come as a package). Authentic American gun culture is not about drive-by shootings and drug deals gone bad. That gets the attention and the headlines, but you never see a headline that says, “Yesterday 100 million gun owners killed nobody.” That’s the reality of American gun culture.

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