5 Replies to “Broward County Supervisor of Elections tenders her resigantion.”

  1. She could of rigged 3 elections to give more power to the democrats in her state and had damn near unlimited ability with a free pass from the media, over half the government and the entire federql law enforcement establishment with literally unlimited money and lawyers and STILL failed. I don’t think incompetent is a strong enough word.

  2. Meh.
    With eighteen years to work with and the harsh lessons of the 2000 election fiasco to learn from, the Florida Republican party didn’t see fit to do anything serious about election security.
    If they couldn’t be bothered to keep rats like Snipes away from authority, or to minimize the damage they could do, why should I go crazy blaming Snipes for doing what came naturally?

  3. Any chance Br/Coward County will appoint an honest, competent, non-partisan replacement? Hopefully someone that will retire or fire every Incompetent boob in the entire organization?

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