New Yorkers Who Want a Concealed Carry Permit Could Get a Visit From the Police

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said residents who are wanting to obtain a concealed carry permit may face tough scrutiny through the process, such as police officers going to the homes of applicants.

“Because we want to make sure that again, we stay within the boundaries of the ruling, and it is really almost kind of a common sense basically analysis. If someone is spewing hate, if someone is making dangerous threats, if someone is part of some form of hate group, the police officer, or the detective, or the investigator is going to use their investigatory skills of determining if there is something that is a red flag there. And it is really about using the good old-fashioned methods of doing the investigation,” Adams explained to MSNBC on Thursday.

“And it is really about using the good old-fashioned methods of doing the investigation. When I became a police officer, people knocked on my neighbor’s doors and interviewed them and asked what type of person am I, and I think those are the same skills that is going to be used to look at not only social media, but also knocking on neighbor’s doors, speaking to people, finding out who this individual is, and that we’re about to allow to carry a firearm in our city,” he continued.

Florida doesn’t do this.

Illinois, as anti-gun as Chicago is, doesn’t do this.

There isn’t a shall issue state that goes to this extreme.

It’s unnecessary if your goal is to make sure applicants are law abiding citizens.

This is intimation.

This is how gun permits in Europe and Australia work.

“If you want a permit, you must open your life to us.  You don’t have privacy anymore.  We will send Police into your home and interrogate you.”

This coming from city that fought stop and frisk and lets people charged with illegal gun possession out without bail.

The point is that Progressives hate law abiding citizens and will use every coercive tactic to crush your rights but let criminals go to commit more crimes.

It’s not about reducing gun deaths.  It’s about how much they hate you and your rights.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Bruen and the hatred of law abiding citizens”
  1. I’ve had a NY restricted pistol permit since 2016. With the exception of the new “training requirement,” which is yet to be established beyond “16 hours in a classroom and 2 hours on a range” everything described is what I went through during the application process, which was coordinated by the investigating officer of my town PD. I had to accept his friend request to Fecesbook, and my neighbors on all sides received a personal visit. My college aged kids living in the house had to talk with him too. Oh, and I had to provide 4 references from non-relatives who had to submit notarized forms attesting to my character. The only thing I can see that’s changed is the elimination of showing cause to the county judge who’s the licensing officer. I’m waiting to hear back on my request to have my restriction lifted, but I’m not holding my breath…

  2. Of course it is important to show you are not part of a hate group.
    Well… exactly how many hate groups are out there? Is this really that common?

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