Massachusetts is not a gun friendly state. It has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

A few years ago a man was sent to prison because he picked up a musket ball from a civil war battle field. Somebody saw it on his desk and asked what it was. When told it was a musket ball, a bullet the Karen reported it to campus police/security. He was arrested and charged. The judge ruled it was an “Ammunition Component” and sent him to jail.

The AG of Mass. took it on herself to change the definition of “assault weapon” and banned a number of guns. The state has an approved gun list. The list is by model.

It is the case that a SIG P938 is both legal and illegal in Mass. If it has gray grips it is legal. If it has red white and blue, from the factory, in a flag motif, it is illegal.

When Bruen dropped the AG said that only the “may issue” part was dropping but the good character clause would remain. That the reason given for wanting a permit could be used to judge good character. In other words, mostly business as usual.

Well the Gun Owners’ Action Legal (GOAL) of Massachusetts has issued a demand letter to the state. The letter demands

…to void all restrictions currently placed on any lawfully licensed gun owner, clarify where firearms may be carried, to explain the attorney general’s guidance that license applicants may still be asked why they need a license, and to void any extra application hurdles instituted by the various police chiefs.
— Boston Herald: Massachusetts gun rights group demands Maura Healey retract firearms guidance

The state has a limited amount of time to respond.

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One thought on “Bruen Chip: GOAL Issues Demand Letter in MA”
  1. The level of petty downright meanness even now surprises me. Was the judge worried he’d slingshot the musket ball at someone?

    I’m eagerly awaiting the GOA and FPC lawsuits

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