Jews are being beaten in the streets.

The Supreme Court decided Bruen to guarantee the right to self defense.

States like New York have done everything possible not to comply with Bruen.

Jews need the ability to defend themselves from this violent pro-Hamas terrorism.

Bruen non-compliance is dangerous for law abiding citizens but especially Jews.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Bruen non-compliance is antisemitism”
    1. It makes sense if you consider that those writing that don’t want to be on the record as advocates of breaking the “law”. For individuals to consider doing so anyway is a different matter. Then again, for the left, lawfare against gun owners generally and Jews particularly is SOP.

  1. Traveling in pairs is all fine and good, until you’re set upon by six or eight (or more) assailants.
    We’ve seen how violent criminals travel in packs much larger than two or three, and how unaffiliated extra bystanders will “jump in” to an assault in progress if the opportunity presents itself (i.e. six or eight attackers suddenly becomes 12). In that light, traveling in pairs doesn’t seem like a strong enough defensive measure. (Then again, if identifiable Jews were traveling in groups of six or eight, someone might call the NYPD to report a dangerous gang of insurrectionists!)

  2. It is interesting how the very same group who blames all Jews for the actions of a few, somehow is the very same group who will scream “do not blame all muslims for the actions of a few.”
    Next time there is a islamic terror attack, I will take that as permission to beat any muslim I see indiscriminately.

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