The Bruen decision gutted the NY City and state permitting sham for the infringement it was. It was almost impossible for a normal person to get a permit to carry a firearm. It was even difficult to get a premise permit (government permission to own a gun in your own home.)

It was also rife with corruption. Over the years multiple people involved with the permitting process have gone to jail for taking bribes. It really was who you knew and how much you were willing to pay that got you a permit.

The permitting denial process centered around “good cause”. You had to show that you had a unique and directed reason in order to be granted your second amendment guaranteed rights.

In one case a man was kidnapped off the street, he was threatened and almost lost his life. The criminals realized that they had kidnapped the wrong person and set him free. He applied for a permit as he feared that the same mistaken identity would happen again. He was denied a permit “because the threat wasn’t against him in particular, it was against the actual target.”

Of course he was kidnapped again. And his second application was denied for the same reason.

With Bruen in place the good cause requirement is gone. Instead NYS put into place a series of requirements that are almost impossible to meet. Starting September 1st, 2022 those requirements take effect. One of those requirements is a training requirement. The state has until early 2023 to have the requirements for the training ready for presentation. The state then has still more time until they have to actually approve the training.

It is likely that it will take even more time for instructors to be certified to provide the training.

What this means on a practical matter is that as of September 1st, 2022 there will be NO permits issued for at least 6 months and much more likely 12 to 18 months.

Fortunately for some people, Bruen took effect on June 23rd, 2022. There is a back log of permits under the old laws that must be processed under the old laws. Including permits that were denied because of lack of good cause and permits that were downgraded.


It is unclear from the order what training is required, regardless, people that were denied under the old scheme now have an opportunity to get their permits under the old laws minus the “good cause” requirement.

NYPD issues emergency rules for receiving a concealed carry handgun license

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3 thoughts on “Bruen, NYC version”
  1. And you can bet anyone with a permit shoots a scumbag the permit holder will be prosecuted by some ahole from the city.

  2. “The state has until early 2023 to have the requirements for the training ready for presentation.” And the penalty for missing the mandated deadline is?

    Short of the Feds arresting the entire New York State Government for violation of 18 USC 242: Deprivation of rights under color of law, not likely with China Joe in the White House, New York will continue to be a Self Defense Free Zone for anyone except the criminal class or the entitled elites, but I repeat myself.

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