By awa

3 thoughts on “Bruen Strikes again, LA Version”
  1. And at the same time, the gov signed a gun ban bill based off the TX abortion law. w/ the usual word play and lies.

    “We have the strongest gun safety laws in the nation, and one of the lowest firearm mortality rates.” No mention of violent crime/murder… ‘firearm mortality rates’. IOW adding suicides into the mix. All the while their prosecutors are letting violent criminals out left and right.

  2. Saw in a fb post that conservitives are leaving kalifornia in droves and the ones left are paying the price. Good to see this. Especially from a “high” official

  3. Hmmm? Sounds like somebody’s City Attorney has gotten a letter!?

    My questions are?
    Whose letterhead was on the letter(s)?
    Will that become public?
    How many other letters will be prepared and sent out the next few months?

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