Hawaii has finally issued a gun permit. They are now at 1 issued.

They have have records going back 20 years and according to Guns and Gadgets this is the first permit issued in that time frame.

Even when the McDonald opinion was issued requiring that every state have a method of issuing, I.e. No Issue was found to be unconstitutional, Hawaii had standards that were impossible to meet.

They make the claim that their very strict gun laws keep “gun violence” at a very low rate.

Gun ownership v. Violent crime with guns and Gun Permits v. Violent crime with guns are both cherry picked statistics. Some states with very limited gun ownership and permits have low violent crime with guns rates and some states with constitutional carry and significant gun ownership have low violent crime with guns rates.

In both cases, the gun rights infringers refuse to actually look at violent crime rates, they always limit it to violent crimes committed with guns.

There was a situation back in the 80’s or 90’s where a small town in Michigan(?) passed a city ordinance requiring every citizen of the city to be armed. Their crime rate dropped. Of course the infringers screamed because the crime rate in adjoining towns went up.

Hawaii has issued 1 gun carry permit since high court ruling

There are also reports flowing out of New Jersey that people are starting to receive their carry permits.

Things are changing for the better for gun rights.

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2 thoughts on “Bruen: Things they are a changing”
  1. The town was Kennesaw Georgia. Mid 80s. I was in Georgia then in the USAF. The only crime there was underage drinking. According to a resident I knew. None of the liberals predictions came true. Half the US states now have Constitutional carry. Never quit the fight. We the People are winning. Stop listening to ANY liberals media. The fear mongering will continue. Vote red, and when we win thats just the beginning

    1. Agree with all of the above, except for the bit about not listening to liberal media. Don’t believe them but do use them as a source of intel.

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