The other day my lady walked into the liquor store and bought a couple of bottles of wine. They required her to show her ID before they would sell alcohol to her. They didn’t make a record of what she bought and her official ID.

The other day I picked up meds for my wife. At the drive through window I gave her name and date of birth and they handed me some controlled substances. They didn’t even ask for my ID. Last spring I had a cold, I purchased some cold meds from that same pharmacy. I had to show my ID before they would sell to me. They did record it so that they knew how much cold medication I was purchasing.

If you walk into a store to purchase a firearm they require you to show your official identification, answer questions that extend beyond “are you a prohibited person”, fill in your current address (which must match what’s on your ID) and then the FFL records the make and model of everything you purchase. If you purchase more than two pistols (or assault weapons?) within a week he is required to file a multi-gun purchase report with the BATFE.

The form 4473 must be kept for 20 years. If the FFL retires during that time the 4473s are transferred to the ATF where they are suppose to just be kept but today they scan into a searchable database.

What law in 1791 required that you identify yourself before you purchased a firearm?

What tradition of gun laws in 1791 required a shopkeeper to keep records of who purchased what?

Is the GCA unconstitutional as it currently exists? We’ve already seen one judge strike down one part of the GCA. Is there more coming?

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Bruen v. 4473”
  1. Requesting ID to purchase non weapons is ho hum to ignorance.. but non criminals who wish to buy firearms should have a letter from potus saying ok.. just another example of twisted logic from liberals. We up here went thru a little battle of 2A infringing from our town “officials” a couple years ago- but “its not a Second Amendment issue” according to them… it was, we won.
    The fight continues every day

  2. 1791 record-keeping? As far as I can determine, limited to “Here’s who still owes us money; and don’t sell to Seth, ever.”

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