The chips are still falling everywhere. Some of the process is making demands of the state government in light of the Bruen decision and others.

In this case, the Gun Owners of America has sued the ATF over its proposed ruling regarding home manufactured firearms. It is an extensive suit and covers multiple different aspects.

Most people know that if you deposit more than $10,000 cash into the bank (or remove it) the bank is required to report it to the government. The reason is that you could be laundering money. What many people don’t know is that if you make many deposits that are less than $10,000 the IRS considers that “structuring” in order to get around the $10k reporting limits.

People have had their banking accounts seized for just making regular deposits of less than $10k.

The new ATF ruling works the same way. If you buy an 80% lower or frame from one company and then buy a parts kit from another the ATF can consider that a structured purchase to “get around the law(regulation)”.

Other regulations include requirements of FFLs to serialize frames and receivers they posses if they are not marked. This means that companies or individuals that do gunsmithing or Cerakoting might be required to serialize items they receive. It looks nasty.

The opinion of SCOTUS in Bruen and in West Virginia v. The EPA mean that this suit has a better chance than it did a month ago. It looks like there were a number of actions sitting in the queue waiting for Thomas to drop the gavel.
AmmoLand GOA Sues ATF Over Final Rule on Privately Manufactured Firearms

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