It started with this Tweet:

Here is the sign:

One of the replies was this:

Really?  How many gun owners does this guy know who own AR-15?

Everything about the AR-15, from magazine capacity to low recoil makes it a great defensive weapon, which is why so many get sold.

This guy is spouting off the same bullshit as Joe “two blasts” Biden.

Does anybody who hasn’t already made up their minds on this topic believe him?

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This BS talking point again?”
  1. Thats around 45 holes. So for what they usually mean – an AR – there’s also a mag change (for standard capacity magazines).

    I can only conclude that the sign is designed for slow readers, unless we’re talking about an MG45. And let’s not even get started on the hole size. Or marksmanship. 🙂

  2. Hm, funny. Ya know, when an inebriated was describing, through my closed and locked door, how he was going to kick in my door, assault me, and use my phone, I was mighty happy my wife had the AR, and 30 round mag, in hand, as she was chatting with sheriff dispatch.

  3. Given that my daughter put 30 rounds downrange at a rate of 6.6rds per second and performed a reload in the middle of that, they might want to rethink the number of holes…

    (M3A1 350-450 Rounds/minute. Two 30 round fun sticks. She’s 13YO and I’m proud as hell of her. Oh, all of those round were center of mass at 50 ft. And she was upset at me because I wouldn’t let her single shot it while videoing it).

  4. I must have a major malfunction, my AR ( with attached light, so as to id the target and not search for a second thing) is the closest to my bed and the first thing I reach for when something goes bump in the night. It is also what I reach for when my elderly mother (about 100 yards away) calls to report a bump in the night since a deputy could easily take 45 minutes to respond, even with lights and siren. I know I could reach for a shotgun or a pistol but the flash from them is pretty bright and the AR has a really good flash hider, I find it useful at o dark thirty to have the capability to ID my target more than once since I am not as awake as the intruder and might miss the first few times.

  5. Funny- I have a 10 inch by 20 inch steel plate hanging on a tree half up my drive with 29 holes in it and it says “ nothing in here is worth your life” . And my reply to the moron- ssssoooo what?? Let me break out my MG3-1500 rounds a minute belt fed .308 …..and no its not semi auto! (Just between us, we havent finished building it yet heh heh)

  6. The ultimate reason why we like the AR-15 is that it is minimally adequate to dispatch the jack-booted government thugs who might come in the dead of night to unConstitutionally seize them.

    Don’t get me started on how fast I can fire and reload my devastating shotgun. The sign creator is a moron.

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