As I noted before, Kanye West has been saying some antisemitic bullshit about the Jews running this and that and profiting off the death of black people.

Then he went to Twitter with this bullshit quote:


See, you’re not allowed to criticize the Jews because they are in charge.

The justification for antisemitic statements is antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Circular logic is circular.

Of course, this puts Jews in a position where we can’t prove the negative.

“What Kanye said was antisemitic.  Abortion is not a conspiracy by Jewish doctors to kill black babies.”

“If you’re saying you can’t criticize the Jews that means the Jews are in charge and are crushing criticism of them.”

The more the Jews push back the more the conspiracy theory is reinforced in its believers.

Thats the problem with conspiracy theories, and antisemitic conspiracy theories in particular, the attempt to disprove them is taken as evidence that reinforces them.

We have already been the targeted by the Woke Left for their antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jews as oppressive interlopers, now we have Kanye leading some weird pro-life alt-right against us too.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Bullshit justification for antisemitism”
  1. To the woke mob its ok to be racist against Jews and whites…. I dont know where kanye is comin from with this… I liked him better when he was pro Trump.. It looks like he is goin off the rails..

  2. It’s long, long past time to stop treating the babbling of celebrities as worth our attention. These are people with talent, but that doesn’t mean they’re smart, or wise, or that they even hear any criticism of their ideas.

    Sadly, it seems to be a feature of humanity — or at least western civilization — so we’ll likely just keep on making the same mistake.

  3. I am not allowed to criticize democrats, leftists, the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+ crowd, the muslims, blacks, or a whole host of other people. But, I do not think they rule over me.
    Oh, and the backlash from criticizing them does not stop me from doing it.

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