The U.S. set another record for drug overdose deaths last year with more than 107,000 fatalities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated Wednesday.

The provisional 2021 total represents a 15% jump from the previous record in 2020, and means there is roughly one overdose death in the country every 5 minutes.

While drugs like opioid painkillers, other opioids and heroin cause many deaths, fentanyl is the leading killer, causing 71,000 deaths last year, which was a 23% jump from the year before.

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, called the latest numbers “truly staggering.”

US Records More Than 107,000 Drug Overdose Deaths for 2021 (

Trespass the Capitol Building, raise your concern at a Parents-Teachers meeting and you become an Domestic Terrorist and a danger to the welfare of this nation needing the full powers of the Government to stop you.

Set billions of dollars in propertty and kill people in the process and you just are venting long overdue problems in a “mostly peaceful way” and charges get to be dropped.

Over 100,000 Americans are dead by drugs, but billions of taxpayers dollars were wasted in making sure people were masked to go pee at a public bathroom so they could be safe from a virus with a 98.5% chance of survival.

Crazy pills anyone?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “But “gun deaths” are the real problem, right?”
  1. China is sending the fenanyl to the Mexican cartels, and the cartels are smuggling it across the border. How is that not an act of war?

    Of course, we’re sending money and weapons to the Ukraine, so maybe “act of war” isn’t as obvious as one would think.

  2. Rampant drug use is a method the government uses to control the population.
    Private ownership of firearms is a way for the population to control the government.

  3. One of our local stations here has a new “story” on the “gun violence epidemic”. Apparently, “gun homicides” are up 35% over 2020 numbers.

    So that’s about 16k instead of 12k. A big jump, but put that in perspective of 107,000 overdoses. That’s almost a middling-size town!

    But it’s not the Big City News station, so they temper the story with the true observation that a large part of the increase is from violent convicts and suspects released from prison/lockup due to COVID concerns, who then went on to commit more crimes. And they actually said that certain demographics — most notably, black males ages 10-44 — experience most of both sides of the violence. (Big City News would keep that under wraps and blame gun owners.)

    My only gripes with the story as reported: 1. They didn’t mention “Defund the Police”; and 2. The stock footage playing with the voice-over was of a legal gun show that has NOTHING to do with the violence (no faces were shown, but I noticed all the hands handling guns were … we’ll say, “not the demographic most affected by violence”).

    But no, they’re not reporting on the dramatic increase in ODs, either. I suspect AP/Gannett/whoever gave them a report, and someone at the station had the integrity to doctor it with some facts instead of blindly following The Narrative [TM].

  4. It isn’t fentanyl, and China isn’t sending fentanyl to Mexico.
    But reporters, so it becomes “fentanyl”.

    It’s actually carfentanil, and has been for a decade, which is the homebrew synthetic equivalent with a toxicity on par with Sarin or VX, by weight, which only comes from illicit sources, and is being cut into literally everything else – not just heroin, but also meth, cocaine, LSD, and pot. China produces the pre-cursor components for that, which are shipped to Mexico, and either cooked there, and smuggled here intact, or smuggled here raw and cooked in the US.

    We don’t have an “opioid” crisis; we have two problems: no control over the border, and too high an availability of Narcan.
    Ban Narcan for all but first responders and hospitalized patients for two years, and let Darwinism weed out the problem on the streets in short order.
    Problem over by Halloween, if we started now.

    {Anyone’s worried about banning Narcan, which they’ll smuggle in too, because junkies are so notably circumspect and well-planned in advance about taking care of their problems?

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