But he’s not going to do Jack about it

Paul Ryan is right, it is fishy that California managed to flip every contested Republican election night win to a Democrat using provisional ballots.

Arizona was all but called on election night for Martha McSally, but two weeks later Kyrsten Sinema was the winner.

It’s also fishy that the same provisional ballots ate up a substantial portion of the margin of victory for Republican wins in Florida and Georgia, mandating recounts.

The only difference between California and Florida or Georgia is that California Democrats are much more experienced at cheating and election fraud and were able to pull of swinging an election.

Brenda Snipes only incompetence was that she wasn’t as good of a cheater as the Democrats needed her to be.

The problem that I have with Paul Ryan’s statement is that he and the rest of the Republican part AREN’T GOING TO DO FUCK ALL ABOUT IT!

This is going to be the 2020 election.  Democrats are pissed that they didn’t take the Senate majority this year.  On top of that, Trump is going to run again.

I guarantee the voting results are going to be contested all across the country and in every county and district challenged the House, Senate, President, and gubernatorial results are going to me moved slowly but surely across the line from Republican to Democrat.

The only lesson the Democrats learned this year is “we must cheat harder ext time.”

For whatever reason, current Republicans are all acting like dickless cowards refusing to investigate why the 2018 elections smells like a giant pile of shit.

It is clear as day that in key states, the 2020 election is going to be as free and fair as any South American or Sub-Saharan African banana republic election.

Trump should fire Muller… out of a cannon into the Potomac.  Then he should fire the rest of the DOJ.  Then he should demand an investigation into every contested federal election in California, as well as the Senate elections in Florida and Arizona.  Then he should start construction on a new Federal Prison just to house all the Democrats that should go to prison over the 2018 election.

Forget Hillary.  Nobody gives a shit about that old colostomy bag anymore.

Deal with blatant Democrat election fraud.

He’s not nothing to lose, because if he doesn’t investigate this, the Democrats are going to make sure he loses 2020 by cheating.


3 Replies to “But he’s not going to do Jack about it”

  1. Due to ranked choice voting here in Maine the clear Republican winner on election night ended up losing a week later. It is note worthy how the dumbacrats won all the contested races. We the People need to scream at so called gop leaders to get off their ass and investigate.

  2. Don’t mistake a feature for a bug. Paul Ryan worked as hard as he could to block everything that President Trump and the American voters wanted of the House, If he had worked together with Trump (who campaigned for him, let’s not forget) and lived up to his own campaign promises about things like the budget, the Republicans might still have a majority in the House.
    Ryan is a stinkbug: a McCain without the paid dues, Arlen Specter without the integrity.

  3. The whole provisional ballot issue is a result of the dems forcing through laws mandating the ability to register to vote on election day with the ballot held “provisionally” if needed to resolve a close race. Theoretically this allows the elections office to validate the eligibility for the provisional voters so that “every vote counts.” In reality it is God’s (or Satan’s) gift to voter fraud. Stash a few boxes full of pre-marked “provisional” ballots in obscure places, if you need to swing a close race in your favor, the pre-marked ballots are discovered and voila the election comes out as desired. laws permitting Provisional balloting should be repealed, but the dems will fight tooth and nail against and the pubs will be absent looking for their balls.

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