By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “But is he wrong?”
  1. He mocked the politicians inside and outside the police department. They have decided, He must be destroyed; and no one in the the leadership will dare to defend him.

  2. No he isnt wrong. Its quite funny. Too bad he gets fired for speaking the truth.. THAT is the true goal of “diversity “…..

  3. Question is … did he tweet in an official capacity, or his personal capacity?

    If the former, I could see him getting fired for it. Not agreeing with it, but it might have been against his terms of employment.

  4. Doubleplus ungood badthink.
    Two Minutes’ Hate delivered.

    Yet again, we see TPTB using 1984 as a handbook rather than a stern warning.
    Color me shocked.

    And he’s the president of the APA?
    Labor law much?
    Aurora PD management is gonna look awful silly when they have to give him his job back, plus back pay, plus punitive damages, and then attend First Amendment and NLRB counselling classes for a year.
    The conga line of lawyers willing to take his case on contingency is going to stretch clear to Wyoming.

    1. As many problems as this department has, this is the least of their worries. This is the same department that had a an officer, drunk in his APD unmarked car, in uniform, on duty, passed out. And they didn’t fire him, or charge him.
      They only fire officers for things that make them look bad to the woke crowd.
      They are so head-up-their-asses that this isn’t even a blip on their radar. “Sue us? Get in line, pal!”

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