Buzz Aldrin got wind of the woke turd biopic First Man about Neil Armstrong.

You know, the international Astronaut who spent three days eating gluten free, vegan, soy paste out of tube so that he had the energy to prance around on the moon while singing kumbaya.

Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, so clearly not worthy of his own biopic, decided to drop the mic on Ryan Gosling.

So for those keeping count, both Chuck Yeager and Buzz Aldrin have expressed their opinion why this movie is wrong and will suck.

If I owned a movie theater, on October 12 when First Man premiers, I’d show get the rights to and show a double feature of The Right Stuff and Apollo 13.

Apollo 13 holds a place near and dear to my heart.  My dad took me to see it in theaters when I was 12 years old and this scene changed my life.

I saw that and KNEW that for the rest of my life I wanted to solve practical problems.  I didn’t know what an engineer was, but I knew I wanted to be one.

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By J. Kb

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