California: A loaded gun in a zippered backpack is Open Carry…Huh?.

Carrying a loaded gun without a license is illegal in California even if the weapon is tucked inside a backpack, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday. In a unanimous ruling Monday, the court allowed prosecutors to charge a man with violating California’s open-carry law by carrying a loaded revolver that police said they found in his backpack.

Source: A loaded gun in a backpack still requires a license, court says – SFGate

Wait, it gets better

The state’s high court said the ruling on knives didn’t apply to Wade’s case. For one thing, Justice Ming Chin said in the 7-0 decision, the defendant in the knife case was leaning on the closed backpack, while Wade was carrying his pack. For another, the court in the 2013 case observed that knives can be used in “such lawful pursuits as fishing, hunting, camping, picknicking and the like,” a rationale that Chin said doesn’t apply to guns.

This is what happens when you vote idiots into government. I simply don’t have the words…


7 Replies to “California: A loaded gun in a zippered backpack is Open Carry…Huh?.”

  1. We need to build a wall around Kommifornistan ans no one comes out unless they can prove they are not stupid/crazy. Gun owners would be some of the first allowed to leave. Look at Colorado. That;s what happens when states let these nut jobs move in and bring their left wing politics with them.

    1. I’m hoping that when emperor trump builds the wall along the mexico border, it hangs a hard right, North, when it gets to Arizona’s border and proceeds to seal off Komifornia.

    1. No, Ming Chin just said firearms have no lawful purpose for “fishing, hunting, camping, picknicking and the like….”

      My question is, “Why the hell is hunting on the list of things firearms can’t lawfully be used for?” I don’t think Ming Chin thought that one out.

      Also, never let anyone tell you they just want the “people-killer” guns and you can keep your “hunting guns”. Obviously, given the choice, they won’t allow even that.

    2. @ Clockwork Gremlin: If you read into his statement for an intent, it sounds a hell of a lot like he is saying that firearms have no civilian place.

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