There are two definitions of anarcho-tyranny that I have found that summarize the principle perfectly:

A stage of governmental dysfunction in which the state is anarchically hopeless at coping with large matters but ruthlessly tyrannical in the enforcement of small ones.


Anarcho-Tyranny is a form of Dystopia where a state permits or encourages Anarchy Is Chaos in limited form, either out of laziness or some more malevolent motive, while decent people are suppressed.

This perfectly describes the State if California and is epitomized here in this interaction with California law enforcement.


These types of outlaw motorcyclist are a scourge.

But chasing them down and stopping them is difficult and dangerous work.

The guy who stopped is law abiding.

It’s much easier to be an officious jack-boot against a guy who stops at red lights than it is to catch real criminals.

On paper, when this cop fills out his report, he will get credit for enforcing the law.  That he ignored much more dangerous criminals to stop a guy revving his engine will not be factored into his performance review.

Real criminals are given free rein but the law abiding are stomped into submission and given citations they pay fines for to fill the government coffers.

This is, of course, antithetical to the way America is supposed to be.  This is the New America pioneered by California.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “California anarcho-tyranny”
  1. I was in Commiefornia 1970-72. Drove a bright red 1970 Chevelle, a 1967 Camaro, a 1954 Chevy PU (58 Olds eng/trans, Pontiac rearend) and a 1969 Honda CB 750, all with Texas plates, while I was in the Navy. Even though most big cities there live off the military, they all hated the military and bikes. I was never stopped in the old pickup, drove it the same way as everything else, I guess the fuzz couldn’t believe something that old and ugly could go that fast. It could. I got nineteen (19) tickets covering everything you could think of in eleven months, finally put a lawyer on retainer and just mailed him the tickets and dropped my Texas license in case the communists tried to take my license. The cops have ALWAYS been assholes in Commiefornia and still aren’t ashamed of being worthless bitches. After leaving Commiefornia, I got my Texas license back and a year later the communists wrote Texas and wanted to revoke my license. I was notified of it and told don’t worry, Texas doesn’t give a shit about what that fucking place wanted. Never heard about it again. Beautiful country, absolutely worthless population. 💩 all around since.

  2. It’s like the BATFE going after paper errors rather than violent gun runners. They need to go home at the end of their shift. 😉

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