I saw these Tweets:


The second Tweet captures a lot of the responses and gut feelings a lot of people seem to have.

It disgusts me.  I feel for those kids.  I used to be one of them.

Not all kids who go to expensive private college prep schools are shitheads.

Not all parents who send their kids to schools like that are shitheads either.  Most are loving parents who want to give their kids the best opportunity for success.

Many of those kids, especially the ones who take lots of honors and AP classes are hard working kids who want to succeed in life.

It’s easy to hate these kids because their parents have the money to send them to a private school, but that’s the ugliness of envy.

I feel bad for the kids who worked hard to get good grades and high AP scores just to be turned down from college after college because of their identity.

I say that for private school white kids today just as I’d say that about Asian kids, Black kids, Jewish kids, or anyone else who is a high achiever but a victim of discrimination.

And that is the point.  California dropped the SAT requirements for UC college admission, which essentially made admission entirely subjective.

As such the UC system is engaged in full blown discrimination, throwing out white kids and “white adjacent” Asian kids.  The UC admissions department sees its purpose as correcting social inequity through “positive” discrimination.

First, this utter discrimination and segregation will destabilize California further.  Parents who can afford to move out will, for their children’s future, and will take their taxes with them.

The ones who can’t move will become a hotbed of resentment.

Second, lots of kids will be admitted to UC schools who are unqualified and unprepared for the classes they will take.

One of two things will happen, either the schools will accept a lot of drop-outs and flunk-outs, or the schools will lower their academic standards to graduate these kids who shouldn’t have been admitted in the first place.

I suspect the latter as this is what the public school system has been doing.

Consequently, UC schools will become worthless diploma mills.  Employers outside of California will not hire graduates with UC degrees, outside of a few specialized programs like science and engineering at Berkeley.

The end result is the destruction of the UC system, the alienation of White and Asian parents who care about their kids futures, the flight of White and Asian parents who can afford to leave the state, a system of segregation and academic apartheid.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “California college education is dead and California will become South Africa”
  1. I’ve worked with some recent Berkeley grads.
    Technical proficiency does not equal good attitude & strong work ethic. If the person’s bright enough and the latter is good, I can teach the former. The other way … No thank you.

  2. Local university used to have a program to accept ‘underprivileged’ students w/ below norm ACT scores from the local big city. The results were what you would expect. Barely any of them passed their classes, Fights, vandalism, etc.on campus all increased. A good number of them brought their families who moved into local low income housing, and crime shot up. Got so bad that the news articles started going state-wide, Other students started switching/choosing new schools and enrollment dropped. They quietly dropped the program after a few years.

    To a point I’ll agree w. you but I would wager nearly every single one of those kids think (or thought) that ‘equity’ is a good thing and that ‘white privilege’ is a thing. It’s this generation’s ‘Affirmative Action’ and they’ll need to learn the lessons the hard way, just like before.

    1. Along those lines: if those Brentwood students are indeed well qualified, they can clearly be admitted to real universities in other states. So they won’t suffer. At least not unless they insist it has to be UC or nothing, in which case they deserve what they get.

      1. I disagree. In-state tuition breaks are a thing, and the difference between in- and out-of-state tuition (factors of 2 or more, depending on the state in question) could well be a deal-breaker for many families.

  3. I think you’re looking at the second tweet all wrong. She (and others) aren’t resentful because those are rich kids, or because their parents have money. No sir. Sounds more like she (and others) are pointing out that those same rich parents and rich kids supported all that DEI crap. They “stood with” blacks, poors, immigrants, etc. They were “allies”. Etc. and so forth. Only to find out that all that meant nothing. And now having worked so hard to get poors and blacks into education by any means necessary, they find that they’re locked out.

    Obviously I don’t know the parents and pretty sure not 100% of them are liberal, but guessing that the majority are liberal and chickens are coming home to roost. Yes, hard working kids of any shape, size or background deserve a decent education. Totally agree. But ain’t gonna happen and politics going politics.

    1. More precisely, I think they are finding out it means something very real — exactly what they signed up for, but probably didn’t believe. It’s a bit like Kamala saying that voters got what they ordered.

    2. If you buy into that DEI stuff giving up their places in the California State University system is a demonstration of “allyship”. One can hope this is a moment of enlightenment like Karen experiencing gun control but will probably just result in a flood of wokesters taking advantage of discounted tuition in neighboring states. This is why Oregon state schools are full of Californians.

  4. Natzsofast.
    The UC system is a paltry 10 locations, out of 284 colleges and universities in Califrutopia. This is hardly the disaster you pretend. In the grand scheme, it’s barely a fart in a hurricane.

    California public education is dead. That’s who the UC system is.
    Boo frickin’ hoo.
    Other than Berzerkley, and UCLA, most of the system is an academic joke anyways. It stopped being the “Top 1%” the minute they embraced “Affirmative Action” in the ’70s, and it’s never really recovered. (Seriously: UC Santa Cruz? UC Merced?)

    All this is going to do is push white kids hereabouts into private education (you know, backwater places like Stanford, USC, CalTech, etc.; perhaps someone has heard of them?), which demand will price minorities out in perpetuity in most cases, and turn public education in this state into the segregated ghetto it deserves to be: unreformed marxists teaching under-qualified affirmative action admissions-of-color (AOCs? I love it!) how to speak, read, and write English, after only 7-10 more years in “college”. (15 years for the sportsball teams.)

    If even the UC and CSU systems want to become famous as diploma mills for unemployable minority retards, best wishes with that plan. Actual for-profit businesses, not being bound as strictly to that sort of nonsense, will non-hire them in droves, and they’ll join the ranks of busboys and barristas with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans they can’t pay off clearing dishes, or ringing up hammers and lumber at the Homeless Depot.

    With fewer solid graduates, businesses leave here for less stupid states, and Sacramento’s Marxism slits its own throat a little closer to the jugular, as tax revenues drop even more. U-Haul should sponsor legislation here to make that UC admissions policy permanent: it will make their stock price jump.

    Moar, please. The Soviet Union collapsed when it went broke. The sooner that happens here, the welfare teat dries up, and millions of deadbeats, and their illegal alien maids and gardeners, return to their ancestral lands east of the Sierra Nevada mountains and Colorado River.

    Can’t happen fast enough to suit me. This story is absolutely fantastic news.

    1. And yes, those kids are being punished for exactly the braindead liberalism of their feather-headed parents.
      The sooner those kids learn that life isn’t fair, and the stupidity of their West L.A. parents and neighbors has real-world consequences, the better-prepared they’ll be to face the rest of their lives. The only thing better for them would be a military draft, with a four-year service obligation served solely in the combat arms.

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