Massive Trove of Gun Owners’ Private Information Leaked by California Attorney General

The California Department of Justice’s 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal went live on Monday with publicly-accessible files that include identifying information for those who have concealed carry permits. The leaked information includes the person’s full name, race, home address, date of birth, and date their permit was issued. The data also shows the type of permit issued, indicating if the permit holder is a member of law enforcement or a judge.

The Reload reviewed a copy of the Lost Angeles County database and found 244 judge permits listed in the database. The files included the home addresses, full names, and dates of birth for all of them. The same was true for seven custodial officers, 63 people with a place of employment permit, and 420 reserve officers.

2,891 people in Los Angeles County with standard licenses also had their information compromised by the leak, though the database appears to include some duplicate entries as well.

A video reviewed by The Reload shows the databases with detailed information were initially available for download via a button on the website’s mapping feature. They appeared to have been removed from public access by Tuesday afternoon and replaced with spreadsheets without the individualized identifying information.

Liberal California bureaucrats and politicians are pissed over the SCOTUS NY Rifle & Pistol decision.

Their precious system of corruption and influence peddling will come crashing down if California, along with other may issue states, becomes shall issue.

It seems that someone within the CA DOJ decided to vent their frustration by doxxing current permit holders.

The Reload is not publishing the leaked data in order to protect the privacy of those affected by the leaks. However, posts across social media indicate many others were able to obtain the documents during the time they were live on the state’s website. There are also several social media posts that indicate similar identifying information from the state’s dealer record of sales database and its “assault weapons” registry were part of the leak, though The Reload was unable to review copies of those databases.

Not just does this make these individuals a target of theft, as The Reload notes.  It makes these people a target for vindictive Liberal punishment.

We’ve seen the extent to which Leftists will go to destroy people online.

I suspect that these people should fear Leftists contacting their employers, children’s schools, etc. with this information.  E.g. “Dear [company], are you aware your employee [name] owns several assault rifles?  This makes him a danger, you need to fire him.”

Then there is the fear of Red Flag Law abuse.

Knowing who has guns and what types will allow these people to be targeted.

There is a myriad of ways this data could be used to harm law abiding citizens.

The leak comes just over a year after California moved to provide detailed personal information of all gun owners in the state to educational institutions across the country despite objections over concerns about data security and individual privacy. It also comes as a similar policy to California’s restrictive gun carry law was invalidated by the Supreme Court, which will likely result in many more Californians being added to the same database the state just leaked.

So the insecurity of the system is a feature not a bug.

This is absolutely intended to intimate and harass law abiding California gun owners.

I suspect that our two tier justice system will make sure the leaker is not found or punished because the assumption will be all the doxxed parties are Right-Wingers and they deserved it.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “California doxxes law abiding gun owners”
    1. I am sure there are plenty of (most likely anti-gun) celebrities on that list. Movie/TV producers, actors, directors, athletes etc…
      Wonder if LeBron (speculating, first athlete name I came up with) would be happy knowing his home address is now public?

  1. Liberals are grotesque subhuman monsters, what else is new?

    Breaking news people! The sky is blue!! Water is wet!!! Fire is hot!!!!

    Liberals are soulless inhuman monsters.

  2. In a sane world the feds would be asking the purpose of tracking race, and California would be facing a massive class action lawsuit.

  3. This is why “universal background check” needs to be resisted at all times and in all places. The only known purpose for that policy is to create a database such as this one, for (a) doxxing and (b) confiscation.

  4. Race is included on the list? Wake me when a journalist uncovers the systemic racism, noticing the disproportionate rate that minorities are being discriminated against the excise of their constitutional rights.

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