A bill introduced in the California State Legislature last week will strip the exemption enjoyed by peace officers in the Golden State that allows them to buy “off-roster” handguns for personal use.

State Sen. Nancy Skinner, a Berkeley-area Democrat, filed SB 377 on Feb. 9. The measure will both prevent law enforcement officers from being able to purchase pistols that are not on the state’s Roster of Certified Handguns, and eliminate the LE exemption from California’s controversial 10-day waiting period. In Skinner’s eyes, both are loopholes that are being exploited.

“Law enforcement officers are not allowed to purchase other illegal products in the state,” said Skinner in a statement. “Guns should be no different.”


Cops shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns that every other civilian can’t own.

They can be issued whatever duty weapon their department wants, but they should have absolutely no right to purchase a personal weapon that is anything that other civilians cannot personally purchase.

That is equality under the law.

No special privileges for badge holders.

If the Cops want to buy unrestricted personal weapons they can lobby for those guns to come off restrictions.

Until then, Fuck ’em.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “California gun control bill I agree with”
  1. Goose sauce != gander sauce: bad, and prone to abuses eg off roster pistol scalping sales.
    Goose sauce = gander sauce:. Good

  2. My understanding is that historically the carve out was included to garner police support for anti-RIghts bills.

    I’m sorry that more line officers & deputies have not rallied against this $hit.

  3. Womp Womp!

    Agreeing with Rick above it always felt like a bribe to cops who could feel superior having toys others couldn’t or make some fast cash by selling off roster guns.

    Much like Barrett not selling his rifles to departments where citizens couldn’t have I support this.

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