NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A legal battle is brewing over a popular East Nashville meat and barbecue market.

A neighbor is suing claiming it interferes with the enjoyment of her home. One question now before the court is whether the smell of the grilling and smoked meats qualifies as a nuisance.

The lunch rush is busy at Roy’s Meat Service there on 19th Street in East Nashville.

For the past nine years, Jeff Roy has been serving up takeout meals from his market.

But not everyone is happy. A woman moved into the home backing up to Roy’s two years ago. She alleges — among other things — that part of the store encroaches on her property, and smoke from his constant grilling is a nuisance.

The plaintiff Natalie Castillo and her attorney declined to comment on this story and said their lawsuit speaks for itself.

Legal battle ensues over East Nashville Neighborhood Food Market (

I checked the location via Google maps and I have a slight suspicion this might be the “offended” house:


Not saying it explains a lot, but sure as heck it pushes you in one direction.

I might be wrong.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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5 thoughts on “Californian, New Yorker or similar.”
  1. The business has been there 9 YEARS, it moved in 2 years ago…. Hhhmm, you suppose when it moved in he was cooking?? I hope the judge looks at this and says “ you a special king of stupid aint ya?”…. I wonder if he does mail order… Id send him a $100…. This is the shiite that proves Sheakspeare was right- first we kill the lawyers… fukkin unhappy whinin fruitcake.

  2. I don’t think the problem here is lawyers, as such. Rather, it’s a combination of two things.
    First, it’s a sense of entitlement to having the world be as you wish it to be rather than as you find it.
    Second is addiction to being aggrieved beyond measure over the slightest perceived injustice to yourself, real or imagined, intentional or not.
    And yeah, the BBQ was there first. Cooking or not when the person visited, its presence was known and the effects predictable… If someone cared put in even a smidgin of effort to do a little due diligence before buying.

  3. It should be the law, that if a business was doing something before you moved in, you can’t sue them. How many gun ranges have we lost because a development grew up around them. In South Dakota, the Californians moving in sued the ranchers over the smell of cow shit.

  4. Didn’t a bunch of whiners get away with that in Australia a few years ago. They sued a neighbor for grilling out or something?
    since when has it been the universe’s responsibility to ensure you never suffer any kind of offense or discomfort?
    Here is a pro tip: Grow the F up, be an adult and deal with it.

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