The Left is killing gun control.

Yes, they want it and want to implement it, but their actions in other areas are driving people away from supporting it.

Californians are buying up guns after Border Patrol starts dumping thousands of migrants on streets

Customers packed Cory Gautereaux’s small gun store northeast of San Diego on a recent Friday afternoon.

Many of the people buying pistols at Firearms Unlimited California said they were concerned about the massive number of migrants being released onto the local streets after the area became a hub for the crisis at the border — which is just 25 miles from El Cajon, a Southern California suburb of 105,000 people.

Roughly 125,000 migrants have been released onto the streets in the San Diego area since September, which has been unsettling for Firearms Unlimited California owner Cory Gautereaux and his customers.

The US Border Patrol has begun busing migrants who claim asylum into the community and releasing them onto the streets, he said.

“That’s driven business to us,” he added.

Local Sharie Finn told The Post that the border issue “1,000%” plays a role in her decision to buy a gun, pointing to the Glock pistol in her bag.

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells acknowledges his residents don’t feel safe because of the flood of illegal border crossers in his city.

“We see the massive amounts of violence that’s happening, a lot from the immigrant situation, but a lot from the homeless situation as well,” Wells told The Post, adding: “People are frightened and I do believe they’re arming themselves more.”

Gun control, like open borders sounds wonderful to Leftists in gated communities where they don’t suffer consequences.

For the average person, watching illegal immigrants bring crime to their communities where the police have been defunded or hamstrung, they want guns to protect themselves.

California Leftists will still push gun control, but the average Californian is learning how important having a gun to defend yourself actually is.

This will happen all over the country as the cloistered Left makes things worse.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Californians are figuring it out too”
      1. I could try to persuade them, sure. So could you. So could anyone else here.
        But if they aren’t going to listen to their own in-state pro-gun groups, and they aren’t going to acknowledge the facts in front of them — the open border, the illegals crossing en masse, the “revolving door” justice system, the resulting rising crime rate, etc. — why would they listen to little-ol’ non-Californian me (or you, or anyone else)?
        They’re starting to wake up, and good on them for waking up. But until and unless they can acknowledge that their situation is the result of generational Leftist voting and stop voting for that — even if that means [*gasp*] voting for the Evil ‘R’ — there’s not much I or anyone else can do to help them.
        Besides which, the Leftists here never sleep, either. I have my own “house” to look after; it’s not my job to look after theirs, too, especially if they won’t.
        Sorry if that sounds selfish; it’s just the reality of having limited time and energy and having to be selective how it’s spent.

  1. And how many of those people will be shocked and horrified to find that they – good, decent, law-abiding citizens – need to wait a week and a half before they can even take the gun home?

    And then the hoops they must jump through, and amount they must pay, and how much longer they must wait, before they can take that gun with them when they go somewhere?

  2. Leftists: “Black people are buying guns! The conservatives will surely insist on gun control now!”

    Conservatives: “Great! They need some help choosing one? Someone to go to the range with them?”

  3. It’s a bit like the old joke about the farmer with a chunk of 2×4 in his hands heading out to the barn.

    The neighbor asks ‘What are ya up to?’

    Farmer answered, ‘Going out to train the mule..’
    ‘Ok, but what’s the 2×4 for?’ the neighbor asks..

    The farmer answers, ‘First, I gotta get his attention..’

    I’m not sure even a figurative whack upside the head of some of these idiots will change their voting habits…

  4. My guess is that most of those who take the new gun home will dutifully lock it away and completely separate from the (likely limited amount of) ammo they purchased.

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