I think that considering only the facts of the trial, a jury wouldn’t convict Derek Chauvin of at least the two murder charges and probably not all three.

The thing is, the facts of this trial are drowned out by noise.

Actual Members of Congress are influencing the jury.


There is the threat of riots.


Witness intimidation.


The entire time the jury was not sequestered.

If Chauvin is convinced, what are chances he can appeal that he was not given a fair trial because of the influence on the jury?

I’d like to hear from some lawyers on this.


The defense brought this up and the judge answered.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Can a lawyer weigh on on this – Chauvin appeal – Updated”
  1. Aesop, of “Raconteur Report”.


    Written as a thought experiment. The Reds want it to be a plan of action.

    1. Aesop burned any bridges with me he might have had, last year.
      If I wanted froth-speckled agitation for violence, I’d visit an antifa rally. If i wanted appeal to medical authority for Rona panic, I’d listen to
      If Aesop had any conviction in his rage, from the way he speckles browser screens with frothy proclamations, he would have made the news already, but he cant seem to decide whether he wants cops to arrest people for being scofflaw on mask mandates and actually being free, or to start shooting at them himself for all the other daily outrages of which he seems to blame every badge, or to kick things off himself against antifa and hope the cops side with him and not them.
      He may be right on some things, but he is not on “our” side, if indeed he is on any.
      He is a sound and fury, signifying nothing.

      1. He makes all kinds of predictions, like the “bloodbath” in Richmond a couple years ago, and when he’s wrong, instead of acknowledging that, he makes excuses and starts calling people names. like a little bitch.

      1. Andrew Branca has another interesting item, describing prosecution misconduct at the closing arguments (rebuttal). Read his writeup for all the details.

        The interesting piece is that the attorney doing the rebuttal apparently isn’t a prosecutor but rather a civil litigator serving pro-bono on the prosecution. The rules are different in civil cases, and (reading between the lines) it may be the misconduct was because he didn’t know what he’s doing. Branca comments that his presence is obviously some political thing. I’m having a hard time figuring out why the prosecution, even under political pressure, would put an amateur on their team and give him a key role.

  2. I am not so sure that is not the goal.

    (IANAL Warning)
    A mistrial is probably the best possible outcome in this situation. It will allow the prosecution, which really does not have that strong of a case to save face, and it will avoid convicting an “innocent” man.

    There is no outcome that will not result in riots. The goal now is to minimize those riots without committing a felony in the courtroom and getting disbarred.

  3. If Chauvin is found guilty because of political pressure and fear of Antifa/BLM riots – then that is just one more nail in our Constitutional Republic’s coffin.
    Americans must stand firm for justice.

  4. cynically looking at what the judge said,

    Mr. Chauvin, you get a freeby. If you are acquitted it is over. If you get convicted, you have this (and probably lots of other issues) to appeal and get another trial. Eventually… If you don’t get shanked…

    You just have to ignore the next 24 months of unfair detention, and Justice System Hell, and the life long debts you will incur.
    Too bad this isn’t an old Hollywood Western, where the Hero stands up against the mob, and justice prevails.
    The carjacker shot to death by police yesterday in Burnsville MN, a Minneapolis Suburb? the story has vanished, like it never happened. Even though it had excitingvideo, and lots of sympathetic victims. I guess it is still OK for police to shoot white criminals without any one caring about them?

    1. here is the story from last night.


      I cannot find the traffic cam video of him attempting to hijack at gunpoint ANOTHER SUV driving down Hwy. 13. Note the carjacking victim has nothing but praise for the police in her interview. Even though the police killed the carjacker.

      Burnsville was a distant city 20 miles south of Minneapolis 40 years ago, now it is a third ring suburb. One of the currently most desireable suburbs, Lakeville is south of Burnsville.

  5. Things keep looking more and more like the Jim Crow south.
    Back in those days, a black person who avoided the lynch mob usually was automatically sentenced to death during his trial. If the jury thought he was innocent, they’d just recommend a life sentence at hard labor.
    But, for a lucky few, they might get someone like Thurgood Marshall to take the case on to the Supreme Court and reverse it on appeal. Which was the best they could hope for.

    Likewise, today, you have the woke version of cross burnings, night rides, and black mask instead of white hoods. But the Democrats are going back to their roots.

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